Okay to have difficult feelings.

Today during my professional baking class a fellow student looked at me and said she was not sure about the “whole baby thing.” I had just finished telling her that I had spent the last three nights staying up with my four-year-old who had a high fever. I looked at her and said “it’s a commitment alright.” I also told I had not regretted a thing. We continued our conversation about children etc. and it got me thinking more about the whole “empowerment” concept of PAM. A girlfriend who recently gave birth to her second child said she was afraid to have this second one as she was not sure how it would change her relationship with her three-year-old son. I told her it was okay to be afraid. Okay to acknowledge those feelings. We can be happy about having children but also acknowledge the difficult feelings and accepting them. The acknowledgment and the acceptance is empowering too. Nothing is black and white about the whole baby thing.

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