Okay to have difficult feelings.

Ok, so you are pregnant.  Have you ever had any times now during this pregnancy when you get nervous or anxious?  Basically not sure about the “whole baby thing.” Horror stories from veteran moms of babies or toddlers, heck even reminiscences from your own mom can be a set up for insecurity for what you may have signed up for.  Make no doubt, motherhood is a commitment. But you also hear every mom when asked say, that they never regretted the decision to be a mom, and that they wouldn’t trade their children for a thing. Even though at PAM we are all about the concept of “empowerment” it is okay to get honest about any fears that might be looming.  Acknowledge those feelings. We can be happy about having children but also acknowledge the difficult feelings and accept them. The acknowledgment and the acceptance is empowering too. Nothing is black and white about the whole baby thing.

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