Why PAM?

Every where I go people are asking me what the impetus was to create PAM in the first place.

Thinking back to over a year ago (which is not easy with the intensifying pregnetia) I recall various conversations I had in my prenatal yoga classes. Women who were coming into class feeling overwhelmed, afraid, anxious and disempowered. A far cry from the glow of anticipated motherhood. Although the yoga, meditation, the discussion and sense of community and ultimately their own commitment to bravely working their own processes and fully stepping into their choices helped them, I wanted to celebrate women embarking on this journey as well as create a national and yes ultimately international platform (over time) where women felt empowered, nurtured and supported while they made clear and conscious decisions about they way they chose to birth and parent. Of course I have also made it a point to interlace the many aspects that I believe are part of a healthy pregnancy and healthy and happy baby and mom. Green, organic and sustainable education in addition to the other the other key initiatives is important as women who move into motherhood also indeed develop a stronger relationship to Mother Earth.

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