Ah the choices…

Happy May Day Everyone!

PAM is officially here and our kick-off event is tomorrow, wow.  Months and months of preparation and excitement rolled into this present tense has me unable to sit still in my meditation this morning….”thinking” definitely won this morning on the mat.

I will celebrate today with my daughter, who is almost 4 and is embarking on a Waldorf experience.  We started her in preschool last month, and it boggles the mind how different the experience at Waldorf is compared to the child care setting we had her in over the last 2 years.  We have a May Day event at school, so on top of all-things-PAM that are circulating in my brain, I am also thinking about the fun outfit to dress her in and what the experience of watching the older children dance with the May pole will be like.

We had a parent/teacher group meeting last night and I was struck by how many mom’s shared the struggle they had with the choice to refrain from media in their parenting and how that is being perceived by their families and neighbors and non-Waldorf friends.  It is a big decision, and the reasons for it are not a part of this blog.  But I was reminded of many conversations that I’ve had with my dear friend and partner and Mommy-support, Anna, about the various choices we have made throughout the last 5 years.  Yes 5 years folks.  because it isn’t just a tag line.  If you’re pregnant, motherhood begins now.  You realize with every decision of what to eat or whether to enter into a room where you see someone painting, etc. that you are making choices about what you feel is best for your growing baby.  And those choices are just the beginning, the beginning of a lifetime of choices that move throughout each stage and development of your infant, toddler, child and teenager.  As I listened to the women last night I felt a sense of confidence.  Not an omnipotence, confidence.  That I embrace each choice as it arises, as best I can.  I consciously think about it and discuss it with my husband and dear friends, if needed.  And my choices, regardless of the topic (organic food only, recycling, no toxic substances in my home, etc) reflect the values of my family, this family, and how we choose to live our life.  As you enter into this journey, may you step into each choice with confidence.


Alisa Donner, PAM co-founder

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