Food Glorious Food

This has been quite the weekend of “food-talk” with so many people chatting and posting and tweeting about Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution.  I am inspired by his enthusiasm to speak to everyday Americans about how to create menus and eating habits that actually use fresh food as opposed to the convenience, easy, pre-made and questionable ingredient filled “meals” that are popped into microwaves, boiled in plastic bags and re-heated in ovens nationwide.  Go Jamie Go!

Anna and I believe that what you eat and how your prepare it is so important that we dedicated an entire week during Pregnancy Awareness Month to encouraging and educating on it:  During the month of May, Week 3 is Nutrition & Wellness Week.  Check back to our site and Twitter and FB during Week 3 to get all the goodies on this topic!

Anna is a total foodie and an amazing cook and meal designer.  I was with her yesterday and got to taste an fantastic new green smoothie that she is creating, YUM doesn’t even begin to describe!  Her passion to create meals and snacks that are healthy, organic and packed with vital vitamins keeps her on my mommy-heroine short list at all times.  Anna’s new Easy Green Organic Cook Book launches in April, go to Amazon now!

We are grateful that our PAM Affiliate in Orange County is having an event dedicated to eating healthy while pregnant and during post partum.  It will be a family day chock full of information on how to cook for your kids too.  We need our food to give us as much energy and vitamins as possible, and we can model these habits for our children.  Our Week 3 Event will be at the Brea Community Center on Saturday May 15, 2010:  You Are What You Eat, hosted by Belly Sprout and Integrative Medicine.  Check it out.

Enjoy your Sunday and jump into your weekend enthused about cooking for yourself, your growing baby and your family!  Please let us know what fun things you’ve tried on how to nurture yourself with food.


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