Greetings from founder Anna Getty

Hello Mamas,

this year marks year three for Pregnancy Awareness Month. “She” is now officially a toddler. Since last year’s PAM (Pregnancy Awareness Month), I have given birth (my son Dante is now 8 months old), my daughter turned 5, became the eco-editor of Pregnancy magazine, had a book come out in November and am now launching a cook book and oh, did I mention that we are full steam ahead planning all our events and details for PAM. Some people ask me if I ever sleep. This year is our biggest year yet. Our partnerships are growing and deepening, our reach is expanding but our mission stays the same: to support women as you move into and through one of the most special and intense times of your lives. Pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I ask you to ponder this and then please share with us how you feel as you move through this incredible journey. We are here to uplift you. I imagine you may feel overwhelmed, maybe this is your first baby or your fifth, you will be a single mom or you will have to balance your career and motherhood. Whatever it may be it is okay to seek guidance and support, support in a community that knows and understands you, who have been there there and get it and are of service to you. Motherhood begins now. Let us know your thoughts.

Anna (Getty)

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