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2009 and 2010 have been huge years for BPA awareness. More parents than ever are being cautious about making sure Bisphenol-A isn’t in their children’s bottles and sippy cups and pacifiers. While many states have banned the chemical and companies have been scrambling to create BPA-free lines, there is one company that has been BPA-free from the start: BornFree.

BornFree is a dad-founded company that produces bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, teethers & more- all BPA-free. Their anti-colic vent has made their bottles famous with moms & dads everywhere including Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling, Gwen Stefani.

Win a BornFree Gift Set

The BornFree® Gift Set includes:

* 3x 5oz. bottles with level 1 nipples
* 1x 9oz. Bottle with level 1 nipple
* 1x Trainer cup
* 1x Twin Pack Level 2 nipples

Learn more here:

How to enter: Click here! (All future contests will be held on this website, rather than Facebook).

If the winner (that could be you!) is a Pregnancy Awareness Month newsletter subscriber you’ll also receive a Twin-Pack of BornFree CoolFlow pacifiers. Subscribe to the newsletter here:

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Good luck!

MAY is Pregnancy Awareness Month:

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  3. christine

    this is my first pregnancy and i am extremely excited. i plan to go with bornfree because i heard it keeps your baby healthy and is a great product. I want only the best for my son.

  4. staysi antypas

    I would love to win this born free set! I’m due in august with my second child. My first born, cayden who is now 3 got so many ear infections, and had colic. These bottle help prevent those things, and I want my new baby to not have to deal with those issues. Also I think it is important to use bpa free bottles! Education is very important, I did not know bpa was bad with my first child, and now I want to help educate new parents on what is safe! I also learned at PAM about feeding our kids new foods for at least 7 days, and 80 percent of kids will like the food! Keep this in mind when introducing new foods to our babies! Thanks! Staysi

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