Contest: Win Plum Organics Baby Food

New contest! Win a 24 pouches of Plum Organics baby food!

To: Mothers everywhere
From: Gigi Lee Chang, Founder of Plum Organics

I knew even before my son was born, I was going to make all of his baby food – to give him the freshest, most nutritious baby food possible. As a result, he would love mealtime and grow to be an adventurous eater.

Inspired by his joy of eating and hearing my mommy friends talk about the lack of fresh baby food options, Plum Organics was born. To give parents more choices and to provide babies with better more nutritious baby food.

Using baby-approved recipes and the finest organic ingredients, our products are gently cooked and minimally processed to ensure the best flavors and nutrition. That’s why our foods retain more of their rich flavors, vibrant colors and textures.

From one parent to another, I know you will feel good about Plum Organics when you see the smile on your baby’s face!


Plum Organics is an organic company dedicated to offering the finest, best tasting and healthiest organic foods for babies, toddlers and children. They believe that by exposing infants and children to authentic, minimally processed foods one can positively influence their taste buds and appreciation of healthy foods for life.

Plum Organics is now available in TARGET stores! Find your store here: Click here.

Win 24 pouches of Plum Organics Baby Food

The prize: A 24-pouch pack of Plum Organics baby food. These pouches can be tossed in the diaper bag and taken on-the-go and stored in your pantry. To serve just twist off the cap, squeeze into a bowl or directly on to a spoon. The pouches are all BPA-free!

How to Enter: Leave a comment below telling us why organic baby food is important to you.

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Good luck!

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  1. Cricket Saunders

    Organic baby food is important to me because I dont want my lil guy eating things that are plagued with harmful additives, pesticides or things he simply doesnt need.

  2. Katie Johnson

    Organic foods are important to me and my family because I like to avoid pesticides as much as possible. I also like supporting organic farmers.

  3. becky

    If I eat organic most of the time, i guarantee my baby will be eating organic ALL of the time!

  4. Marcella Hammond

    I thought I would make my son’s food myself because I love cooking and because I want to make sure that he eats the best food possible. However, I’m enrolled full-time in a rigorous graduate program that demands about a 60 hour per week commitment, and my husband works 60-80 hours per week. He works in theatre, and is on salary, so we’re living on his scant income plus my student loans. It would be cheaper to make our own food, if we had the time! Free organic baby food would be so much appreciated!

  5. Joyce Purcell

    I have seen these baby foods around and wondered how they faired. Would be interesting to try them.

  6. lindswing

    Whatever harmful things my baby is exposed to now will often be with him for life. It only seems reasonable to keep him free of as much as possible as long as possible

  7. Monika Oess

    My husband and I started eating organic food right before I found out I was pregnant. It was the best decision we ever made! I think I had more energy throughout my pregnancy then some friends I knew that were also pregnant at the time. Now that my son is here, I want to be able to feed him only foods that will not cause any harm for him, and I know organic foods will do that! :-)

  8. Charice Adams

    Organic baby food is so important in my household because it makes me feel as though I am doing something that will benefit my baby the rest of his life. It terrifies me to think what might be in some of the other jars of food and even though I have on occasion had to feed him those, the organic baby food is always priority for us.

  9. Misty

    Despite only being exposed to bottle feeding and Gerber in a jar, I decided early on that my babies were going to be breastfed and when they turned 6 months I would supplement with homemade, organic baby food. I read about preservatives and additives and SALT content, not to mention pesticides and hormones… all of these things that your baby gets when eating typical baby food. I did not want my kids to be picky eaters and I did not want to have to ween them off of “smooth” baby food.

    So my 4 year old was breastfed until a year old and I made every ounce of her baby food. To this day, she loves her veggies and fruits and will try anything once.

    I just recently began feeding my 6 month old solids and had no intentions of giving her baby food, I cleaned up my old mill and got ready to steam! I was in the baby food aisle of my Target buying some organic baby oatmeal when I saw the Plum Organics. I began reading the label and I was impressed that not even absorbic acid was used. Fruit, veggies and water… that’s it. I decided to give it a try, we were on our way to a restaurant and I didn’t bring any baby food with me so it was good timing to try.

    I was instantly impressed with the texture, it’s not a “smooth” baby food. It has a texture to it and you can actually tell there is real fruit and veggies in it. I decided to taste it and was so impressed! It tasted like fruit and veggies! The best part is that it is organic and I don’t have to worry for one second that her brand new little body is being filled with anything extra.

    All of these things together with the convenient pouches… I very rarely make any baby food anymore.

    Thanks Plum!

  10. elizabeth callahan

    organic food is important to me because i want my son to grow up healthy. i knew before he was born that i wanted him to eat better than i had growing up. and being a vegetarian as an adult i know how much better i feel eating healthier. i want him to have the best start in life and i feel organic is the way to go. no additives or steroids to help my son grow just natural stuff, and that makes me happy!

  11. Stephanie Caruso

    Organic baby food is important to me because I can feel good about what I am feeding my son. I know that I am doing the best I can as a parent to make sure his food is as pure and healthy as possible. Plum Organics baby food helps me with my mission to feed my son the best foods possible. I make a lot of organic foods at home for him and he loves the Plum Organics blends. Not only are they great on-the-go, but they taste great!

  12. Erika Perry

    I can’t wait for baby #4 to arrive. I am looking forward to trying the new baby foods!

  13. Stacy

    Organic baby food is important to me because I know that healthy, pesticide free food is the best I can offer my baby (besides my own milk). I love Plum Organics because I couldn’t get my 7 month old son to eat green veggies before I discovered your baby food. Every time I fed him peas or green beans, he grimaced and cried and refused to eat. Now he devours Spinach, Peas, and Pears! He also loves Apple & Carrot, Sweet Potato, Corn & Apple, and Pumpkin & Banana! Of course he adores all your fruit blends, too. Add the convenience (and BPA free/earth-friendliness) of the pouch, and it’s win-win for everyone!

  14. Rachelle

    I love these organic options so i can give my son kaidan every advantage to be healthy because lets face it hes going to be a teenager one day & eat junk food so until then hes getting the best food nature makes!

  15. Angie Dennison

    Love Plum organics…I truly believe this the best baby food out there made out of great products. My baby just loves it….I can feel good about feeding him the food. The pouches that the food is in is also a plus!!!

  16. Paige Newcomb

    Organic baby food has been a priority for our baby because we know that studies conclude that organics are far more nutritious than those treated with pecticides and fertilizers. For this reason I have chosen to give the most nutrictious food to our baby….organic! Plum organics is a great on the go option for our little boy!

  17. Lauren M.

    Organic is important to me and my baby because her little body is the best organic thing I’ve grown – and after all my hard work, she’s staying that way!

  18. Alaina Nunez

    Organic baby food is very important to us because I want to only give my baby the absolute best/purest food possible. I don’t want any pesticide or preservatives to interfere with their health.

  19. Nicole

    I love Plum Organics!! I choose to give my daughter organic food because I like to give her the healthiest food possible to give her a great start to life!

  20. Carlee

    Shared on FB!

    Organic baby food is important to me because I want to give my daughter the best start possible! By eating the best food in its most whole form, she becomes exposed to all different tastes and textures, without being exposed to all sorts of chemicals and processed junk.

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  22. MIchelle Michel

    I love organic baby food because it gives my baby the pure form of food- not all the garbage that is in processed food. I love knowing my baby is a clean slate and I can fill him up with the wonderful things that grow…. he loves his Plum Organics!!

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  24. Tamara Sz

    Organic food is important to me because I feel it is just safer for my family, especially when they are so little!

  25. valerie thomas

    I simply want my child to have the best quality food available. It is so frustrating paying for food that has all types of unhealthy additives but often times I have to cave in b/c I do not always have the time to make my own or its just cheaper.

  26. Jeccica Simpson

    I have a 9 mos old baby boy, my 3rd child. Over the years, I have done alot of research. This time around, going organic is what is best for my some, with all the ingredients in things, you have to be careful. Love to win!

    Jeccica S.

  27. Pamela Michno

    We feed our baby organic food because we only eat organic food ourselves :) Watching food, inc really opened our eyes to eating “traditionally prepared foods” YUCK!!

  28. Stacy Fredrickson

    I make most of my own baby food, but would love to try these out!! Organic is better for health and environment!!!

  29. Becky K

    Good nutrition is one of the best gifts a parent can give a child. And I know organic food is a great way to know my son is getting the very best!

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