Contest: Win Plum Organics Baby Food

New contest! Win a 24 pouches of Plum Organics baby food!

To: Mothers everywhere
From: Gigi Lee Chang, Founder of Plum Organics

I knew even before my son was born, I was going to make all of his baby food – to give him the freshest, most nutritious baby food possible. As a result, he would love mealtime and grow to be an adventurous eater.

Inspired by his joy of eating and hearing my mommy friends talk about the lack of fresh baby food options, Plum Organics was born. To give parents more choices and to provide babies with better more nutritious baby food.

Using baby-approved recipes and the finest organic ingredients, our products are gently cooked and minimally processed to ensure the best flavors and nutrition. That’s why our foods retain more of their rich flavors, vibrant colors and textures.

From one parent to another, I know you will feel good about Plum Organics when you see the smile on your baby’s face!


Plum Organics is an organic company dedicated to offering the finest, best tasting and healthiest organic foods for babies, toddlers and children. They believe that by exposing infants and children to authentic, minimally processed foods one can positively influence their taste buds and appreciation of healthy foods for life.

Plum Organics is now available in TARGET stores! Find your store here: Click here.

Win 24 pouches of Plum Organics Baby Food

The prize: A 24-pouch pack of Plum Organics baby food. These pouches can be tossed in the diaper bag and taken on-the-go and stored in your pantry. To serve just twist off the cap, squeeze into a bowl or directly on to a spoon. The pouches are all BPA-free!

How to Enter: Leave a comment below telling us why organic baby food is important to you.

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  1. Jen

    I strive to eat a healthy diet while pregnant, and when my children are born, I have natural home births so that no drugs are put into my baby’s little body. When they are here, they get only mama milk. I am in awe of their perfect little bodies and don’t want to “defile” them with artificial products. Feeding them organic food when they start eating solids makes me feel like I’m preserving their health and beauty for that much longer. Might sound silly, but it’s important to me.

  2. jeff

    my daughter LOVES plum organics!! it tastes good and its good for you! thanks plum, your the BEST!!

  3. Liz

    Organic=fresh which means less of a carbon footprint in shipping foods all over the state, country and world! Not to mention it tastes better and is better for you!

  4. Laura B

    I am critical about everything I chose to eat or not to eat. I like to eat the freshest and most nutritious food I can find. I expect the same for my baby. I don’t want to feed my child anything I wouldn’t, myself, put into my body.

  5. Megan O.

    I plan to feed my son organic food because I don’t trust all the chemicals and hormones in regular food. Not to mention that organic tastes better!

  6. Kristen

    Organic food is important to me because I like to know what is in my son’s food. I don’t want him eating pesticides and chemicals.

  7. Megan

    We made most of our daughter’s baby food with organic produce, when we wanted something on the go Plum was the food of choice! I loved knowing that there were no gross pesticides added to my baby’s food and that we were giving her the best food out there :)

  8. Krista

    Organic food is important to me and my kids because the chemicals and pesticides that are on regular food are horrible for your body! We don’t know, yet, if they are the cause of all the cancers in the world- but it could very well be. I want natural grown food, not plumped up food. I don’t need a strawberry the size of an apple. I want a strawberry to be a strawberry! Grow it the way the Amish grow it.. the way Mother Nature intended!

  9. Liz Maly

    Organic food is great because I know EXACTLY what my baby is eating. She is getting food that is healthy and nutritious and not anything that could harm her :o)

  10. Lovebeingamommie

    We feed our children only natural beef and organic product and dairy products. We love the pouches because it is convenient for us to take on the go… Even my Kindergartener loves them!

  11. Mindy Bissett

    I choose Organic baby food because I don’t want my little guy to eat food that has been treated with growth hormones and pesticides. Knowing that the food I feed Zach is organic also gives me a piece of mind.

  12. Cecilia

    My little boy has a lot of stomach problems and problems with gerd! So when he start baby food I read that this was really a good fit.. and they were right!! Eats great and NO reactions to it!! :) Love the packaging! So easy and we wast less!! ;)

  13. Rachel Brennan

    Organic baby foods are important to my family because we want real food going into my daughters real little tummy ;) BPA-Free packaging is a bonus too! It’s second only to homemade food.

  14. AnnS

    All Natural and easy are not usually things you see together! My two year old still LOVES to get his ‘squish’ bags. We never have a problem getting him to eat vegetables and they are great for on the go!

  15. Emily B

    I love organic food because it is free of harmful chemicals and it tastes so much better! I’m glad to be able to share it with my son.

  16. Kelly

    Life is complicated enough – I don’t need food to be. I like sticking with safe and trusted brands.

  17. Betsy Clarridge

    Organic food is important to me because my daughter is such a big eater. I worry every day that she’s not eating the best food for her and so I want to make sure she’s getting the proper nutrition from the best foods. That’s why organic food is important to me.

  18. Kelly

    I am keeping my baby safe and sound in the womb by eating organically, and plan to continue this when she arrives in the outside world too!

  19. Deanna

    I want my son to have the healthiest start possible. That includes nourishing his little body with pure, organic food.

  20. Angela Haynes

    Organic babyfood is important to me because I find it really frightening when I hear about all the crap they are finding in formula and in babyfood. The fewer, and simpler, the ingredients, the better it is for baby and the less opportunities for making the baby sick! Plus, I think the organic stuff tastes better! :)

  21. Amy

    I believe that it is important to establish a good foundation for my son health by avoiding as many chemicals as possible.

  22. Amanda

    Feeding my babies organic food is important because I want only the best for them and that starts at the very beginning by putting the best in their little tummies!

  23. Brandie

    Organic baby food is important to me because I feel children of today have poor eating habits. A stepping stone to this problem is natures best food s are tempered with by chemical and pesticides; making children not enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. I want to start my baby with a discerning palate that will last him a life time. Fortunately Plum organics gives me an avenue to do that along with the convenience I so desperately need.
    p.S. I shared

  24. Caryn B

    I fed my son organic food and I’d like to do so with my daughter when she starts eating solids in 2 months. I don’t want to expose my children to pesticides, hormones, etc.


    I received some samples in the PAM gift bags. I actually used the Apples and Carrots variety mixed into my 3 yr olds spagetti and meat sauce last night. I love the resealable pouch and ease of it’s use! :)

  26. staysi antypas

    This food tastes great! The fact that it is organic and healthy is a HUGE plus! Thank you gigi! Sincerely, staysi

  27. Jaime

    Organic food is important to me because I want to know that I am putting good things in my sons body. I have been making most of his food, but food like Plum organics are great to have on hand when I don’t have time, and when we are out.

  28. Serena Albright

    I believe that an infant should have the very best start in life.Baby food should be simple and free from harmful additives & chemicals.I would love to try the organic line on my baby when the time comes.I am due in 6 weeks.

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