Always choose organic, nothing competes!

Image by Classic Kids Photography

Image by Classic Kids Photography

We can’t support the idea of embracing healthy eating habits while you are pregnant enough. We believe wholeheartedly that the efforts made today actually impact not only the health of your growing baby but the future eating habits of your new family! We dedicated an entire week to Nutrition & Wellness, which is the 3rd week of May, and Anna has written a cook book focused on organic eating and cooking (Anna Getty’s Easy Green Organic Cook Book, Chronicle). You have choices, now more than ever. You can shop for produce and meats and dairy at your local farmer’s markets, you can shop at the national grocery chain of Whole Foods, and even find private label organic brands at Safeway, Vons, Albertsons and Trader Joe’s. Even Costco has some organic products. Make that choice, every time you can, it will ensure that you are feeding yourself and your family the cleanest food available. And if you decide not to make your own baby food, when that time comes, choose organic baby food. It’s out there, look around, read labels, take the time to make the wisest choices for your health!

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