Sara Snow Talks PAM

Sara Snow, natural living expert and author of Sara Snow’s Fresh Living talks about why PAM is important and the lifestyle adjustments she had to make in her life to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy.

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  1. 2be

    Well said Sara, I would like to say my story. I was raised well with health and environment in mind and only now going back to those values. With trying for children for four years…I’ve only now started to become a safe body able to house a child. I eat healthy, I’m active and I’m losing weight. I’ve turned to herbal remedies instead of generic medications and I’m much better for it.

    To anyone, everyone… your child deserves the best start in life and they would want to be healthy as well as a mother who is happy, well and active.

    Best of luck to you Sara :)

  2. Jen B

    Thinking of using gdiapers this will be my third child and used disposable ones before. My sister is using cloth diapers on her little one without took much extra effort. I think I will give it a go!

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