Traveling Moms

When I was pregnant with my daughter I couldn’t dream of a time when we would ever be separated.  In fact, the only dream I had was of her coming into this world and us sharing it together.  The first time I had to travel overnight away from her I sobbed the entire ride to the airport.  Luckily Anna and I were taking this trip together; it was our first Pregnancy Awareness Month business trip! We held hands and cried during take off and comforted each other throughout.

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to stay home and telecommute until my daughter was two.  I have many friends and work associates who needed to return to work within three months, or even six week.  I have found that every time I leave my daughter Roma, whether for a day at the office or on an overnight business trip, there are pangs of guilt associated with each step.  It is hard to get on the plane and jet away, and equally hard to wave good-bye in the driveway Monday through Friday.

I encourage you to prepare for these moments just as you prepare for your new baby’s arrival.  As parents we soon learn that we cannot control life for our little ones, no matter how much we think it would be best. It’s all about the transitions.  Take the time to think them through, plan them out, and talk with your partner and family.  Feel supported by the knowledge that you are being proactive: even now as they are go everywhere you go in your belly.

In light, Alisa

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