Education is the Key

Education is the Key

There comes a time when every pregnant woman must decide what kind of birth she will want to experience. Nowadays we are blessed with many options, from a home birth to a birthing center or a hospital. But how does one choose?

There is so much information for and against home births, as much as there is a huge campaign for and against hospital births. Those that choose a home birth say they did it because they felt safest at home.

Midwives, birthing doulas, even some OB’s assist with home births.

We are not advocating that every woman have a homebirth. Birth is very personal and subjective. It must be thought through and carefully planned with the woman’s and baby’s needs in mind and really, ultimately, no one else’s. What we hope for is that every pregnant woman goes into her birth experience feeling educated and empowered and supported by a strong team, whoever they may be. is a wonderful new website that helps you decide on the best care provider for you based on a simple quiz. Read books like Ricky Lake’s Your Best Birth and see her movie, The Business Of Being Born. Both give you a great picture of birthing options in America. Ricky and her partner Abby Epstein also invite you to join them on their online community, My Best Birth.

There are a lot of other wonderful books, a few that come to mind include Active Birth by Janet Balaskas, Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper, and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin. Pushed by Jennifer Block is supposed to be amazing. Keep checking in with us at Pregnancy Awareness Month but above all make it your job to understand the options and feel confidant about your pregnancy and birth choices.

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