Contest: BabyFeet Jewelry 14k Yellow Gold Baby Feet Charm

Kristen Marr is president, founder and chief designer of BabyFeet Jewelry, Inc. BabyFeet Jewelry offers moms of any age the opportunity to show off the love of their children without having to sacrifice personal style. Constructed from high-quality gold, sterling silver and gems in the United States, BabyFeet pieces provide a lifetime of joy, just like the children they represent.

Prior to her leap into jewelry design, Kristen had a successful career in clinical dental hygiene as a management and marketing consultant for private dental practices. She lives with her husband and two children in Little Rock, Ark.

Because of her personal struggle with SIDS, Kristen has become an advocate for SIDS research. She is a board member of the American SIDS Institute and chairperson of the national education fundraiser “Spring for SIDS.” A portion of the profits is donated to the American SIDS Institute for medical research in memory of Colton Marr.

These distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces are custom created for each mom, from choice of metal, use of gems and style of the charm. BabyFeet offers free design consultation to help create a custom piece to fit the client’s style and family. Pieces are designed to work independently or together.

Win a 14k Yellow Gold Baby Feet Charm! $150 Value.

Details: Sterling Silver and Solid 14kt Yellow Gold BabyFeet Charm. Great for adding to the bracelet or necklace for each child, engraving their name and birthdates makes your bracelet personal.

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How to enter: Leave a comment sharing one thing you’d like to always remember about your pregnancy or “new baby” period of life.

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  1. Elizabeth Altman

    I would like to remember those little kicks that she gives me letting me know that she is ok. We already have such a special bond and she won’t be here until August.

  2. Bridget

    I would always like to remember about this pregnancy is this was is our miracle baby we are pregnant with right now. We lost our 1st baby to miscarraige and it was the worst feeling in our life. When we found out we were pregnant again we were thrilled and then had a scare with bleeding but everything turned out to be ok. So far at 28 weeks we are having a little girl and are praying to God everyday to get us through the rest of the pregnancy with flying colors so we can have our baby girl to love and hold!

  3. Melissa Roberts

    I will always remember the immediate feeling if love and responsibility. I knew it was up to me to keep this little person safe and healthy. Our son is now 9 months old and he amazes me everyday. I love him more than I could have imagined.

  4. Cynthia Garcia

    I would like to remember the day I found out I was pregnant…..I found out three days before my brother’s 40th bday. He had passed away two years ago to Leukemia and it was a sign for me to know that my brother, Fredy will always be with me.

  5. Stephanie W.

    The thing that I will remember the most was a night I was feeling down and I started to feel the baby kick. I put my hand on my belly where I felt him and he started to kick somewhere else so I placed my had where I felt him last. Each time I did this he kicked in a different spot. All I could do was laugh and smile.

  6. Casey Howard-Lanoue

    I would like to remember the first time my newborn smiled. It may have been just a gas smile; but it was the most precious moment my husband and I shared when we brought her home. And we can’t wait to see our second’s first smile when we bring him home in August :)

  7. Anne Obermueller

    The moment that I will always remember is the moment when our son was born and they layed him on my chest and he just looked up at me with his big blue eyes and in that moment I felt a new kind of love that I had never known before. A moment in my life that I will cherish forever!

  8. Lisha Corona

    I would like to remember about this pregnancy is that up until now, and hopefully through the last 11 weeks, how much of a wonderful pregnancy it has been. After my pregnancy with my daughter, 8 years ago, I was somewhat afraid to have another. I was, and still am to a point, paranoid of something is going to happen. I was sick as a dog, had full on bleeding, and was bedridden 80% of the 8 months I carried with my daughter and on all sorts of meds to keep me from going into labor as I was already 100% efaced and 1 1/4 dialated by 7 months. So far I have had no negative effects that were not considered to be “normal” with this pregnancy, and I will be h appy to remember them as this is the last one for me.

  9. Jeannine M

    I would like to remeber the first time they smiled at me when I went to get them from their cribs. It such a great feeling to see them happy becuase you came in the room

  10. Serena Albright

    There is so much to capture.But the 1st moment I was in awe was seeing him move his mouth and try to suck his fist.That was at 32 wks 2 days and it made me anxious to finally hold him and just see the blessing that God created.I am 34 wks today and still waiting for that moment.

  11. Patsy J Lander

    I was in awe watching my grandson, Kyler Lance be born! From the moment I saw his little head I was captured! He is the light of my life and I can’t imagine how I ever lived without him! Now we are getting ready to celebrate the birth of my 2nd grand child, another boy…Whitten James is due September 29th and my heart is already so full of love for him!

  12. Molly Stephenson

    I wish I could remember everything! I especially remember all our quiet nights nursing. There was always something so peaceful and endearing about those times, even if we were both tired.

  13. Ramee Guy

    I can’t chose just one thing that I want to remember. After 10yrs of trying with no positive results, we had given up that it would ever happen for us. You can probably imagine my shock when I tested positive in February. (I only took the test because I was due to have surgery the next week!) I guess for my one most cherished thing, I would chose the day at almost 7wks pregnant, I got to actually see this little miracles beating heart! It made everything so real finally!

  14. Jayne Primera

    I’ll always remember the first time both my sons kicked, it felt like I had little butterflies in my tummy! No other feeling in the world like it! Of course as I grew bigger it felt like sumo wrestlers in there! lol But still loved every min. Thank you for this special moment to reflect!

  15. Molly

    I will always remember the sense of triumph and empowerment after giving birth and the sense of having experienced actual MAGIC when looking at my new baby–that sense that “how can the world just be going on. Don’t they know that MAGIC is going on right here?”

  16. Talah

    I will always remember feeling my baby growing inside me, its a feeling that cannot be described in words. a bond that i will cherish forever. an’t wait to see her sweet face in just two weeks!

  17. Heather B

    My favorite feeling on earth has been feeling my babies move while I’m pregnant. I’d love to have these little feel to commemorate that feeling.

  18. Nina

    Every move she makes it just turns my world upside down, She puts a smile on my face every single moment!

  19. Agnieszka

    I would always like to remember the moment i hold my son for the very first time. Rush of feelings you cannot describe.

  20. Laura M.

    Baby feet are some of the most precious things in the world. Each tiny toe is sheer perfection. I loved when my son would kick out a foot from under his blanket while he slept as a newborn/infant. And now that I’m pregnant with our daughter I can’t wait to kiss the tiny feet/toes that have been kicking me for the past 7 months!

  21. LissaL

    My first ( of four) was in the NICU so I just remember being so happy the day I could finally bring him home. No he & his SO are expecting their first child, I am so excited to be a grandma. It’s feels like I am expecting again even though I am not. Already in love with this baby and it’s not due to arrive till Late fall/early winter!

  22. becky

    The first time I heard his heart beat at my practioners… I was not prepared for the wave of emotion, but that made it even more special

  23. Nicole

    Just how amazing creating a life really is. My first 2 children were created thru fertility treatments. The one I am carrying now was miraculously created naturally. I’m a very lucky Momma to have all of them!

  24. diana

    i loved being pregnant and feeling my baby move and hearing his heartbeat oh and the ultrasounds i couldnt get enough of them just seeing my baby on that screen :) now thats hes here i am loving the newborn stage even more

  25. Cathy

    Watching my 2 daughters rub and talk to my belly. Knowing they love their baby brother well before he is born. 35 weeks today!!!

  26. Tori Michel

    I always love remembering the flutter in my tummy when we went over hills in the car, and then on the way home from the hospital seeing my son flail his little arms as we went over the same hills and knowing that’s what I was feeling those months before. So cool!

  27. Lora

    Hiccups!! And long showers, letting the water spray on my tummy always made her move and squirm. Feeling her move when I would sing to her!
    It’s amazing that now that she’s here her favorite thing is to have a long warm bath and she coo’s back at me when I sing to her :)

  28. Dahlyla Lang

    I will always remember the ultrasound when we found out we are having a girl. We brought my 9 year old son and he loved seeing his baby sister moving around. It made it all more real for him!

  29. Jennifer

    I will never forget this realization of how real he his, now that he’s kicking me. It’s the neatest thing in the world!

  30. kia

    I am still pregnant (almost done) and I would love to remember the shot of confidence this little life has given me. Thank you baby, I wish I could bottle this magic for later use.

  31. Megan

    The second day in the hospital, the nurse brought my son to me to nurse. When he heard my voice, he started to look around for me. When the nurse pointed it out, my heart just melted.

  32. Teish

    I want to always remember how I always felt like each baby was a part of our family as soon as I found out that I was pregnant. We always started to make plans for them, where they would sleep, ect. as soon as we found out.

  33. Emily

    I would like to remember during my pregnancy all my travels. My husband and I took a “babymoon” to Australia to see his family. My husband baby and I enjoyed a hikes through the banana groves, walks on the beautiful beaches, experiencing scenic Hunter Valley wine country, strolls though gardens of Sydney and shopping in the historic Rocks.

    During all of our travels our little one was kicking and enjoying sounds and tastes along the way. We look forward to meeting our little one this August.

  34. Tammy Reynolds

    At 18 weeks feeling my first baby move, I felt so blessed that I was able to experience this miracle. And then the moment they announced “it’s a girl”!!!! Wow such joy!

  35. Katharine Sweatt

    I will remember the first time he looked at me and smiled…i melt with each of his smiles and again with each laugh.

  36. Melanie

    Since this will be my fifth and last baby…the tiebreaker, I never want to forget the movements, and the beautiful sound of my little ones heartbeat. I bought a fetoscope so I can listen whenever I want…and I do, several times a day! I love the feeling of life inside me. theres nothing in the world like it <3

  37. Kim

    I remember the quiet moments. Holding my babies as they slept. Watching their expressions as they slept — from smiling to frowning to smiling again. There’s nothing in the world that compares!

  38. Jessica E

    I will always remember the very first time I saw him. It was instant and amazing love at firt sight.

  39. Sarah

    I will always remember how my little man knew me from the very beginning – how much he needed just my touch and presence. It’s sweet and sad how independent he is becoming.

  40. Stacy

    I will always remember the way my other children loved my belly and always wanted to be cuddled up to the baby and belly.

  41. Emily

    Hiccups!! And long showers, letting the water spray on my tummy always made her move and squirm. Feeling her move when I would sing to her!
    It’s amazing that now that she’s here her favorite thing is to have a long warm bath and she coo’s back at me when I sing to her :)

  42. Sandy

    When I found out I was pregnant with our son (baby #6) and my husband whispered to me one night, ” every baby is a miracle”.

  43. Heather

    I will always remember the first movement and how amazing it was to feel that sensation inside of me. Every time she has kicked since then I have had a smile on my face no matter how much it hurts or tickles because I am happy to be pregnant and I cant wait to meet her!

  44. Lauren M

    he amazing strength a 6lb newborn has! No wonder it hurt when she’d roll and twist – let alone kick!



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