Contest: BabyFeet Jewelry 14k Yellow Gold Baby Feet Charm

Kristen Marr is president, founder and chief designer of BabyFeet Jewelry, Inc. BabyFeet Jewelry offers moms of any age the opportunity to show off the love of their children without having to sacrifice personal style. Constructed from high-quality gold, sterling silver and gems in the United States, BabyFeet pieces provide a lifetime of joy, just like the children they represent.

Prior to her leap into jewelry design, Kristen had a successful career in clinical dental hygiene as a management and marketing consultant for private dental practices. She lives with her husband and two children in Little Rock, Ark.

Because of her personal struggle with SIDS, Kristen has become an advocate for SIDS research. She is a board member of the American SIDS Institute and chairperson of the national education fundraiser “Spring for SIDS.” A portion of the profits is donated to the American SIDS Institute for medical research in memory of Colton Marr.

These distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces are custom created for each mom, from choice of metal, use of gems and style of the charm. BabyFeet offers free design consultation to help create a custom piece to fit the client’s style and family. Pieces are designed to work independently or together.

Win a 14k Yellow Gold Baby Feet Charm! $150 Value.

Details: Sterling Silver and Solid 14kt Yellow Gold BabyFeet Charm. Great for adding to the bracelet or necklace for each child, engraving their name and birthdates makes your bracelet personal.

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How to enter: Leave a comment sharing one thing you’d like to always remember about your pregnancy or “new baby” period of life.

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  1. Danielle T

    What I would like to remember from my pregnancy cannot be summed up into one thing- from the moment our lives changed- the look on my husbands face, the way everything in this world looked different. Each day seemed a little brighter.. Up to how it will feel to look our newborn baby in the eyes & have the joy of holding our most prized possession that we both have been waiting for for so long! We now have something miraculous to live for; something that will effect every decision we have ever made & will ever make. I enjoy my pregnancy now, as we both wonder what he/she will look like. What he/she will want to do in life, what color eyes or hair. It truly is and will continue to be an amazing journey that we were truly blessed to encounter. Its hard to say which moment I will love most or will want to remember most- because every one of them count. Each and every milestone completes what will be the best years of our lives!

  2. Shannon Hendrix

    Whenever I am not pregnant I always miss being able to feel the baby move and wiggle and hiccup. Thoes are my joyous and wonderful times of pregnancy.

  3. Kirby Pioreck

    I would love to give this to my sister! We are in the waiting room right now! We are waiting on her baby girl to get here!! This is her first child and I am so excited!

  4. Trebor

    The thing I will remember most about my last pregnancy was my labor and homebirth after 2 C/S, The joy of experiencing it and feeling everything for the 1st time was amazing and completely opposite of the picture the world paints.

  5. Trebor

    These little feet help me remember the awareness of my 3rd pregnacy, that ended in a miscarriage. I will always remember my little one. I would love to win this beautiful necklace, that would make a perfect remembrance charm.

  6. Rachael Henry

    Every heartbeat, every nudge, and the first successful latch on nursing. With baby #1 she refused me for 2 weeks. With baby #2 he was in the NICU on a feeding tube for 22 days before I could nurse… Hopefully baby #3 can take to the boob with no problem

  7. Cherilyn

    I cant wait to meet my little man and i want to get one of these they are so freakin cute

  8. Gina

    My favorite moment was the first time my baby girl had the hiccups in my belly. It was a beautiful thing.

  9. Mary

    I have waited so long to be a Mommy! All the new experiences of my pregnancy are so wonderfully amazing! I am now 16 weeks and in another month we will be learning if we are having a boy or girl. It will be so nice to put a name to this little one!! I have already started a scrapbook, and I DID save my test too!! I can’t wait to hold our baby for the first time!

  10. Joie

    I remember how many times I’ve either read or hear the phrase “Your life is totally going to change once you have a baby” but I never really imagined how much until I had one. Yes, I didn’t have a crying, screaming, colicky infant, I wasn’t dead tired all the time, I was able to sleep at night… Nevertheless, I would trade my ‘old’ life and more in a heartbeat for my cute little baby boy. :)

  11. Hilde Dewachter

    I came by this great blog, and wondered if I could start following your conversations. I am myself very much interested in this topic, and would like to come back soon and start inputting my thoughts.

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