Contest: Earth Mama Angel Baby

This week’s initiatives are Nutrition & Wellness. Treat your pregnant body like a temple by putting natural, non-toxic products in and on it. Even after baby is born it is essential that mom (and dad) stay conscious about the food they’re ingesting and the products being used in the home.

Earth Mama Angel Baby is a company that lovingly and holistically tends to women in all stages of pregnancy and post-partum life through natural products that sooth, calm, and heal.

Earth Mama Angel Baby’s pregnancy, childbirth and baby products were, ahem, born of our sincere faith in the natural process of birthing babies. Supporting the pure process naturally with nature’s gifts makes sense to us. We don’t think of pregnancy as an illness, merely a phenomenal process that has many wonderful and sometimes difficult stages. We trust in the wise women who have historically exalted the glories and eased the common discomforts of pregnancy naturally.

Win: A Mother of All Pregnancy Gift Basket (retail $199.99)

Description: Treat a very special mama-to-be like Queen Mama with the mother lode of Earth Mama Angel Baby’s very best goodies. From the first trimester to holding her angel baby in her arms, The Mother Of All Pregnancy Gift Baskets has just the comforting, soothing, wonderful something for all the stages of pregnancy, labor and childbirth and beyond! All tucked into a dear pink keepsake heart colander, this is one gift that she will appreciate month after month after month.


* Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler
* Heavenly Tea Mug
* Happy Feet
* Natural Stretch Oil
* Earth Mama Body Butter
* Mint Herbal Lip Balm
* Hot Spot Labor Sock
* Milkmaid Tea
* New Mama Bottom Spray
* Postpartum Bath Herbs
* Earth Mama Bottom Balm
* Booby Tubes™
* Natural Nipple Butter
* Angel Baby Lotion
* Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
* Happy Mama Spray
* Angel Baby Bottom Balm
* 4 Bellybars™ (Burstin’ Chocolate, Berry Nutty Cravings, Mellow Oat, Baby Needs Chocolate)

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How to enter: In the comments below, share why you believe using natural products during pregnancy is so important.

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  1. Megan

    Natural products are always important to me, and even more so when I’m expecting. That baby is the most important thing in the world and deserves the best!

  2. Amy

    I’ve lost two precious babies in the last two years. I am doing everything I possibly can to make sure this baby is healthy and full term. Using natural products is very important to me!

  3. Erika

    It’s important to use natural products during pregnancy because anything you put on your skin can be absorbed by your bloodstream and that of the baby you’re carrying. Mommy and baby deserve healthy pampering.

  4. Cherie

    Using natural baby products are not only good for entire family, but good for the environment now and for the future.

  5. Jen Rose

    You and your baby deserve the best products and ingredients possible! Chemicals in unnatural products effect the whole system of the body, and can cause unwanted problems. The more natural, and pure the ingredients are,the better!

  6. Elizabeth Altman

    Using as many safe/organic/non-toxic products while I am pregnant is so important to me because there are to many things that can effect my baby’s well being. She [my baby] may not be here yet, but the decisions that I make everyday as a mother are already effecting her in the womb. Making the decision to use “natural” products just gives me a little peace of mind that I am doing something good.

  7. Gina Ellis

    In this crazy world of parenthood, natural organic products are one less thing you have to worry about. It’s the easiest and smartest decision you’ll make.

  8. Cecelia

    With so many dangers being discovered in products once deemed safe, using things on, in, and around our bodies when we’re growing a new person that are as close to their natural state as possible is a great way to give baby the best start.

  9. Vanessa

    I love all natural during pregnancy because it makes me feel betterabout the toxins and chemicals passing to my developing baby.

  10. Serena Albright

    I am expecting my 3rd baby and I feel it is very important to take care of your body,inside and out,not just during pregnancy but everyday.However,during pregnancy your body can be more sensitive to products and it is important to stay away from certain chemicals and toxins.

  11. Sandra Losito

    I’m on my second pregnancy now. My first born is almost 3 years old. I was cautious with her, but more so now because there’s so much more information out there and I am aware of so much more. Just last night I read another article about our babies being born “polluted”. Last week, an article about canned food containing BPA. It’s scary stuff, and as mothers we owe it to our children to try to give them the best possible start at life.

  12. Heidi

    It is so important to use natural products when you are pregnant because everything you put on your skin absorbs into your body. You don’t want nasty chemicals absorbed by your body!

  13. Jen L.

    With all the stresses of life in today’s society, it’s best to use natural products as they reduce the intake of chemical stress on the body. The less stress, the healthier Mom and baby will be.

    P.S. I shared.

  14. joslyn

    I believe that natural is best not only for baby but for the mother also. We are growing these little beings inside our bodies and its our responsibility to do our best to keep them safe. I use natural products even when not pg, so do my kids.

  15. Dahlyla Lang

    Using natural earth friendly products is important to me for many reasons. I feel that giving my baby a healthy start will help her understand, when she’s older, why it is so important to be aware of what we consume and what we put on our bodies. Our children are what we teach them.

  16. Pam

    Since I began reading about how these awful toxins in our everyday lives affect the way we feel think and grow I have tried to eliminate all that I can for my children vby using only things I make from scratch myself or that I know have been made earth friendly. Our planet will thank us for it sooner than later if we all get on board this new idea of living as will our bodies. I was told I would need several surgeries for my back but after only 6 months of elimainting the toxins in my body I feel so much better as does my unborn baby and my other children.

  17. Andrea dodson

    I shared on facebook as well.
    I think it is important to use all natural products because they are the safest for your baby!

  18. Kate

    Ensuring whatever gets put on my body is healthy and safe for my baby is the best reason to use natural products such as Earth Mama.

  19. becky

    toxins build up in our bodies so easily, even just breathing our polluted air, so we really have to strive to keep our tiny babies safe in the womb!

  20. Jessie Gray

    Being a disabled woman with a high-risk pregnancy, I feel that using natural and organic products during pregnancy is very important. You are providing less toxins and chemicals to the fetus (as well as yourself). You are using herbs and stuff that have been around hundreds of years and has been proven safe. You feel better, knowing the baby will be healthier. You also will start a healthy habit for you and your baby that will last a lifetime. So many disabled moms-to-bed are subjected to all sorts of medical tests and procedures to make sure their babies are developing healthy, why not use all natural products to feel good physically and emotionally during this special time?

  21. Jennifer

    The US has unexplainably high rates of autism and many other childhood illnesses while European countries have not seen the increases we have. Our diets are filled with artificial this and that, high-fructose corn syrups, pesticides and many more. I believe that eating organically significantly reduces the risks of these horrible diseases.

  22. Kim

    I love to use natural products while pregnant because I think it is just important to protect your baby in the womb as it is out of the womb…plus I LOVE EMAB products!

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  24. Tanya Mack

    Using natural organic products during pregnancy and on your little ones isn’t just important… it’s ESSENTIAL. It’s the key to healthy skin, healthy immunities, healthy lives. It’s about giving the best we can to our children, and really… what’s more important than that? We do all we can to make sure they are safe and protected… and that protection doesn’t stop at the bath tub, or tea time, or when we massage little hands and bellies and feet.

    When I saw this contest, I had to enter. EMAB is the first product I recommend as a Doula, and it’s the first thing I use on my own little ones. Thank you for putting up such a great prize!! I just love you all at EMAB!!

  25. lisa

    I work in a Neonatal Intensive Care. I see all the possibilities of what can happen to a fetus/newborn. Most of these issues beyond a mother’s control. However, if there is something I can control then why not take advantage of healthy/natural products and limit exposure to our precious babies!

  26. Sarah

    I’m a childbirth educator, and I’m currently 9 weeks along with our 5th child. I believe it is important to use natural, toxin-free products during pregnancy and beyond for baby’s health and development and for my own. I worry about the teratogenic effects of artificial chemicals in health and beauty products. I enclose an Earth Mama Angel Baby brochure in each of my clients’ take-home packets. I like that I can trust and recommend without reservation, any product they sell.

  27. Trebor

    I believe in using natural products when not and especially when pregnant. I feel using natural products will help eliminate the amount of toxic exposure in the products we consume and use on our bodies, thus helping protect ourselves and the precious cargo we bear. I am due with my 5th child this January and am doing my best to be as natural as I can.

  28. Eesti

    I used this stuff with all 3 of my kids and am going to use it when i get further along with this 4th child….I have no stretch marks and i give it credit for even saving my tatoo’s on my stomach…this stuff is awsome .

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