Contest: Earth Mama Angel Baby

This week’s initiatives are Nutrition & Wellness. Treat your pregnant body like a temple by putting natural, non-toxic products in and on it. Even after baby is born it is essential that mom (and dad) stay conscious about the food they’re ingesting and the products being used in the home.

Earth Mama Angel Baby is a company that lovingly and holistically tends to women in all stages of pregnancy and post-partum life through natural products that sooth, calm, and heal.

Earth Mama Angel Baby’s pregnancy, childbirth and baby products were, ahem, born of our sincere faith in the natural process of birthing babies. Supporting the pure process naturally with nature’s gifts makes sense to us. We don’t think of pregnancy as an illness, merely a phenomenal process that has many wonderful and sometimes difficult stages. We trust in the wise women who have historically exalted the glories and eased the common discomforts of pregnancy naturally.

Win: A Mother of All Pregnancy Gift Basket (retail $199.99)

Description: Treat a very special mama-to-be like Queen Mama with the mother lode of Earth Mama Angel Baby’s very best goodies. From the first trimester to holding her angel baby in her arms, The Mother Of All Pregnancy Gift Baskets has just the comforting, soothing, wonderful something for all the stages of pregnancy, labor and childbirth and beyond! All tucked into a dear pink keepsake heart colander, this is one gift that she will appreciate month after month after month.


* Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler
* Heavenly Tea Mug
* Happy Feet
* Natural Stretch Oil
* Earth Mama Body Butter
* Mint Herbal Lip Balm
* Hot Spot Labor Sock
* Milkmaid Tea
* New Mama Bottom Spray
* Postpartum Bath Herbs
* Earth Mama Bottom Balm
* Booby Tubes™
* Natural Nipple Butter
* Angel Baby Lotion
* Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
* Happy Mama Spray
* Angel Baby Bottom Balm
* 4 Bellybars™ (Burstin’ Chocolate, Berry Nutty Cravings, Mellow Oat, Baby Needs Chocolate)

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How to enter: In the comments below, share why you believe using natural products during pregnancy is so important.

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  1. Heidi Foster

    Using natural products during pregnancy is essential to the health & well-being of both baby & mama. From day one, baby is 100% pure and natural, why risk that?

  2. Emily Shoe

    Using natural products gives me one less thing to worry about. When a new study talks about possible harmful effects of common chemicals, I don’t even need to pay attention!

  3. Tess

    During pregnancy I feel that anything you use can effect you and your baby and to keep everything safe, and natural is key. Why have all these extra chemicals….

  4. kia

    Using natural products during pregnancy is so important due to the fact of bio-accumulation. Synthetic toxins in non-natural products are bad enough for adult bodies but the same exposure to itty bitty little ones in the womb can be more profound than people realize. For example to be crude a teaspoon of something icky will more greatly affect a 2 pound body than a 135 pound body, it is that simple. Trying to go almost food-grade with everything you put on your body is best, but anywhere close to that standard simply makes common sense to me.

  5. heidi holloway

    I’m an earth mamma with a gorgeous earth toddler and little earth baby angel on the way. What better way to celebrate than with natural Earth Mama Angel products!

  6. Crystal

    I use natural as much as possible. I love how they make my skin and body feel and the peace of mind I get knowing it is good for me and my baby!

  7. Morgan

    Natural does work better, and it doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment.

  8. Lauren

    Ever since ia read that your skin absorbs a large percentage of toxins throughout the day I’ve been a firm beliver in natural and organic products throughout pregnancy and beyond! Now that I have my little girl here with me, I realize how pure we start out and I want to keep her as “clean” (as in toxins etc) as I possibly can. Our next baby will have the same start. Not to mention I feel pampered when I get the best stuff too! =)

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  10. Gabby Rivette

    Staying as healthy as possible is so important to both mom and baby. Using natural products aids in this tremendously. Plus, you just feel better knowing you’re using natural products!

  11. Marcella Hammond

    Babies are so vulnerable as they develop – it’s important to make sure they are exposed to as few chemicals as possible to give them the best start.

  12. Donna C.

    I think using pure, natural products like EMAB, are essential during pregnancy. Your baby is growing and developing, setting a pattern for lifetime health and wellness. I wouldn’t want to use products that could cause harm now, or serious harm later! Plus, I also think worrying about my health and wellness is important as well.

  13. Charlotte

    Using natural products during pregnancy is important because you’re using the power of nature to nourish and pamper your body, instead of introducing harmful and unnecessary chemicals into your system and risking possible exposure to your precious, unborn baby. Very few people realise just how much of the stuff that comes into contact with your skin is absorbed by your body and how many chemicals we ingest on a daily basis…it makes me feel so much better to use natural products, knowing that I’m benefiting from nature’s own recipe, rather than less effective and potentially more toxic man-made alternatives!!

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  15. Pamela Olson

    I think we are very unaware these days of what has adverse affects on us and our LO’s. I like to use natural products as much as possible to reduce the chances of effecting my LO’s health.

  16. Kealy

    I believe it’s very important to know exactly what you’re using and could be passing on to your baby. This is my third child, and with my other 2 I do my best to keep things as natural as possible, why wouldn’t I want the same for my unborn child?

  17. Casey Howard-Lanoue

    It is very important to use natural products while pregnant and breastfeeding because your baby needs the best start possible. Using organics is the best way to ensure no artificial growth hormones, pesticides and chemicals entering your little one’s system. I believe it’s important for born and unborn babies to be the healthiest they can be <3.

  18. Laura

    Using natural products while pregnant gives your new baby a chance to start out as healthy as possible! Natural products have been around forever, why not use them!!!

  19. Miss Mindy

    As an expectant mother over 40, it is vitally important to me to provide the safest head start for me and my baby possible. As a result, using a chemical free, all organic product is the best choice for my pregnancy.

  20. Dominique

    Because i believe you limit as may chemicals and things like that form day one for baby and mom its a sensitive time.

  21. Ashley C

    I think it is extremely important to be as natural as possible to ensure your own health but especially your unborn child which is in the most critical stage of development. Aside from the health aspect though, its just really important to treat yourself and feel great about your pregnant body!

  22. Lauren J

    I’m in midwifery school and we just learned about teratogens, it made me really aware of how much outside sources can affect our babies. Skin is the biggest organ in our bodies and any chemicals we put on our skin go into our bloodstream as well, in turn affecting our health & our baby’s health. I think it’s so important to use all natural products and I LOVE EMAB!!

  23. Stephanie Hanes

    Using natural products during pregnancy is essential to keep mom and baby healthy and to protect your baby. I want what is best for my baby and me. Now that I know the harmful things that are in many products, I just can’t use any old product – it has to be a natural product with safe ingredients.

  24. Vera

    If natural & wholesome products are important for each of us individually, how much more crucial are they when the health of a fetus is at stake?

  25. Alaina N

    Everything you put on or in your body is going to affect the baby and since they’re developing at such a rapid rate anything with toxins or preservatives could harm the baby. I would rather be safe and do all I can to protect my baby and use something that I know for sure is safe and wont harm my baby.

  26. Krista

    Pregnancy is THE most important time during a woman’s life to go natural and to steer clear of toxins. Our bodies are changing on a daily basis and our usual products may cause adverse reactions. Earth Mama products allow us to be pure to ourselves and our babies without the worry of toxins. Peace of mind is vital during pregnancy. Thank you Earth Mama!

  27. Adrienne Dollyhigh

    I don’t think there’s any other choice than natural products for a developing baby. The less chemicals being introduced into their systems the healthier the child.

  28. Tania

    It is so important to steer clear from chemicals, especially during pregnancy. Everything you put on your skin or in your body reaches your perfect baby! Keep baby pure by using pure products. I love my EMAB body butter! Not a single stretch mark. ;)

  29. Natalie

    Natural products are a vital part to my holistic pregnancy… and I think that having a holistic pregnancy kept me calm and focused and my baby picked up on that. She is such a good baby now. :) Now I’m pregnant again and aiming for the same- calm, gentle, holistic, natural. :)

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