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This week’s initiatives are Nutrition & Wellness. Treat your pregnant body like a temple by putting natural, non-toxic products in and on it. Even after baby is born it is essential that mom (and dad) stay conscious about the food they’re ingesting and the products being used in the home.

Earth Mama Angel Baby is a company that lovingly and holistically tends to women in all stages of pregnancy and post-partum life through natural products that sooth, calm, and heal.

Earth Mama Angel Baby’s pregnancy, childbirth and baby products were, ahem, born of our sincere faith in the natural process of birthing babies. Supporting the pure process naturally with nature’s gifts makes sense to us. We don’t think of pregnancy as an illness, merely a phenomenal process that has many wonderful and sometimes difficult stages. We trust in the wise women who have historically exalted the glories and eased the common discomforts of pregnancy naturally.

Win: A Mother of All Pregnancy Gift Basket (retail $199.99)

Description: Treat a very special mama-to-be like Queen Mama with the mother lode of Earth Mama Angel Baby’s very best goodies. From the first trimester to holding her angel baby in her arms, The Mother Of All Pregnancy Gift Baskets has just the comforting, soothing, wonderful something for all the stages of pregnancy, labor and childbirth and beyond! All tucked into a dear pink keepsake heart colander, this is one gift that she will appreciate month after month after month.


* Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler
* Heavenly Tea Mug
* Happy Feet
* Natural Stretch Oil
* Earth Mama Body Butter
* Mint Herbal Lip Balm
* Hot Spot Labor Sock
* Milkmaid Tea
* New Mama Bottom Spray
* Postpartum Bath Herbs
* Earth Mama Bottom Balm
* Booby Tubes™
* Natural Nipple Butter
* Angel Baby Lotion
* Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
* Happy Mama Spray
* Angel Baby Bottom Balm
* 4 Bellybars™ (Burstin’ Chocolate, Berry Nutty Cravings, Mellow Oat, Baby Needs Chocolate)

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How to enter: In the comments below, share why you believe using natural products during pregnancy is so important.

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  1. Tarah Chamberlain

    My family is a big believer in using only natural products. The less chemicals you can use on or near our new baby is a big plus.

  2. Ashtin

    natural products are so wonderful. I feel better when I eat and use products created from the earth! You are what you eat and what you use, so why not be smart about what you put in and on your body. Plus, Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff smells d’lish!

  3. Heather

    I believe the more we can get back to the “basics”, especially with the products we use on our body, the better. We need to be more conscious we are about these products and their ingredients for ourselves and our families. This of course begins during pregnancy. So glad for a company like Earth Mama Angel Baby to provide such great products to support us in giving our babies the best start – even before they’ve arrived!

  4. Heather T

    I am not a health nut per se but I do like doing things naturally when i can and that means using natural products. I have found that using natural products actually improves my health therefore it will improve my baby’s health.

  5. Chelsea G.

    I love using natural products all the time! Not only does it make you feel better that you are using pure products on your family…I think they also work MUCH better than those nasty chemically ones! Very neat giveaway!

  6. Emily B

    Using natural products is always important to me, but especially so when pregnant. Toxins on our skin and in our food are absorbed, and what may be a low dose for us is a huge dose for a fetus.

  7. Natilie

    I like using natural products because everything I put on or in my body directly affects my baby. Why wouldn’t I want to give him and myself the best!

  8. Shlomit B

    Toxins have a cumulative effect over time, and we don’t know about many of the long term effects they may have. It makes sense to use the most natural ingredients possible on ourselves and our babies in order to limit the exposure to these potential risks. This is especially true in infancy and the early childhood years since their bodies are growing so fast.

  9. Lauren B

    using natural products on my babies just makes sense. why would i introduce chemicals to something born so naturally perfect already? if they didnt need these potentially harmful substances years and years ago why are so many people so stuck on them today? it’s unnecessary in my eyes! and my babies love the delicious smells and of the organic and natural lotions, sprays, washes, etc – they are so yummy without the fake “cover up” smells of the non natural counterparts!

  10. Alyse

    Using organic body products is important in general, but especially during pregnancy! We can’t be 100% sure of the long term effects of chemicals in non-organic products, which is why it is so important to use a brand we trust during pregnancy, and on our little angel babies!

  11. Danielle Charles

    I think pregnancy is a wonderful and beautiful time for women and this being my 4th has really given me the chance to learn more and change things each time. I decided about 7yrs ago to be a vegetarian and eat healthy and thought well I am thinking about what to put in my body but what about what goes on my body and my families. So I did some research and found out how much of the toxins in lotion, soaps etc.. we absorb in our skin. I really was stunned with some of the things they put in the products we use and trust everyday. I tell everyone I can about natural products I try and that really work. We have a wonderful blessing being able to bare children and we need to do what we can to make sure that we are as healthy as can be so they are healthy as well.

  12. Meredith

    With all the junk in things lately, (things I don’t want near me or my baby!) it’s definitely one less thing to wonder and worry about!

  13. Anne Obermueller

    From conception on babies are so vulnerable to chemicals that mama puts in her mouth as well as on her skin. It so important to me to use the most natural of ingredients to limit the exposure of chemicals to my children. We just don’t know the effects of long term exposure to chemicals!

  14. tammy l

    I believe that even before conceiving that we should keep toxins out of our body. Our goal as a mother is to create the most optimal environment for our baby-to-be to flourish. When we use products in their purest form, our body does not have anything artificial in it. Our body looks healthiest when it does not have any by-product or man made chemicals to break up. and feeling good physically definitely helps us feel good emotionally. which a healthy body, happy mommy is the best environment a baby-to-be would want to be in

  15. Jessica E

    I wouldnt want to expose my precious unborn baby to harmful chemicals. I love all this all natural products coming out. Puts my mind at ease when I put this stuff on my children.

  16. Gerylann Oflaherty-Stephens

    I feel that nuturing and health care and awareness is very important during pregnancy.. I lost 3 Children thru 1 ecptic and 2 misscarriages. Worst time of my life. I found I have health issues that if I had more awareness I would of treated before my pregnancies. I feel awareness/health care/nuturing are 3 big keys to a sucessful pregnancy. So,many things could go wrong in a pregnancy but if we had more awareness maybe we can help prevent such heartbreak…

  17. Erika Perry

    I think it’s important to do what is best for you ALL of the time, but especially during pregnancy! We could all use a little pampering.

  18. Bethany

    I like to compare growing a baby to making a house:you need the best material to help you build the best house!

  19. Ann A

    I believe it is VERY important because chemicals are now being found to be linked to cancer, skin problems, developmental problems, and many other problems. So watch what you put on your skin and read labels and make sure the product is truly natural as it says it is. If not sure purchase Earth Mama products! :)

    Thanks, Ann (the natural mom)

  20. Lisa E

    I, as a Mommy, am responsible for this sweet angel in my belly. How in the world could I put all those unatural products in my body and harm her or him. I refuse to use any toxins in my body….therefore I use all natural products!

  21. Lauren Foster

    I think it’s so important to use natural/organic products to keep you and your baby happy and healthy!! Aside from potentially being toxic and dangerous chemical laden products can be irritating to your skin/body and who wants to deal with that when you’re pregnant!!!

  22. helenlam

    Since everything you use eventually makes it to the baby, it’s so much easier on your system to NOT have to process harmful chemicals. Besides, the natural products nowadays work equally well or better than their chemical counterparts!

  23. Randi

    First and foremost, Everything you use when pregnant has a chance of passing to your little baby that’s developing, and I believe natural and organic products are the best things to use to ensure that your little angel isn’t harmed. So many things these days are found to cause cancer or are endocrine disrupting chemicals, and I wouldn’t put myself nor my sweet pea at risk for anything like that! I’ve also always found that naturals/organics seem to work better than their chemical-laden equivalents, and I just feel like I’m doing something better for my babe by using natural and organic products.

  24. rachel ruskowski

    there are so many additives and toxins in the world and many we cannot help being exposed to so by reducing and eliminating them in my baby’s home by using natural and healthy products that are good for the environment will help her get ahead and hopefully stick with her and help her teach her children about natural and healthy products

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  26. Sandra (Bell) Unangst

    During regnancy I eliminate all toxins and chemicals I possibly can so my baby can grow in a healthy invironment to get the best start possible.

  27. Sandra (Bell) Unangst

    During pregnancy I eliminate all toxins and chemicals I possibly can so my baby can grow in a healthy invironment to get the best start possible.

  28. Heather

    Oh my–for sooo many reasons. They are discovering all manner of things that can help and/or hurt your developing child! I want to win this for a friend of mine who just found out she’s pregnant!

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