Win Two Prizes from ERGObaby!

Enter to win two prizes from ERGObaby!

ERGObaby is a family owned and operated company located on Maui, Hawaii. Since 2003, they have been providing parents with the most thoughtful, highest quality, and most innovative babywearing products and accessories found on the market.

If you’re pregnant consider babywearing! The benefits of this practical tradition have been noted by parents and caregivers all over the world!

The Prizes:

Front Pouch ($21.00)

This accessory has tremendous versatility. Velcro attaches the pouch around the waist belt when the ERGObaby carrier is worn on the front, back or hip.

It comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry your personal items with you, even when you are not using the ERGObaby carrier. Keep your wallet, checkbook, cell phone, sunglasses, and keys easily accessible, while keeping your baby close and your HandsFree! A component of ERGObaby’s HandsFree System.

Backpack ($48.00 – $64.00)

This redesigned, 100% cotton canvas Backpack features our signature Cranberry color: a perfect complement to the Cranberry ERGObaby Carrier and Front Pouch. The new design includes a Velcro-secured storage area on the back to conceal the shoulder straps when attached to the carrier, as well as four outside pockets, two inside zippered pockets, a side zippered pocket for easy access when in use, and padded shoulder straps for use as a day pack.

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  1. Connie

    I love wearing my baby girl so I can do stuff around the house and walk my two dogs.

  2. Lindsay Buchanan

    I currently wear my baby girl, Mikayla most of the time in a sling. I think it is a great way to be close to your baby. Baby wearing allows you to keep your hands free so you can continue working through out the house, or you can walk around the mall without the stroller. I need an additional way to wear Mikayla as she gets older. I love these Ergo Carriers!


  3. Bev

    I wore my first, and I’m hoping to wear my second and third due in August. I would love to have great ideas on wearing twins.

  4. Maggie J

    Wearing your baby is the best! My babies rarely cried and are super well-adjusted now at 5 and 2. I can’t wait to wear this baby as well (who should be meeting the world any day now!)

  5. Alaina Nunez

    I love wearing my baby! I know he’s safe and I love how he cuddles with me and uses mommy to hide his face when people are talking to him and he’s being shy.

  6. Tania

    I wear my babies because it makes sense! In addition to keeping them close, it frees my hands to enable me to do what needs done (grocery shopping, dishes, vacuuming, etc). I love wearing and still wear my 3 year old. Baby #2 will be here in July and I look forward to wearing her, too!

  7. Lauren

    I just love having my baby close to me! She’s happier, calmer and safer, I’m less stressed, hands free and don’t have to worry about people trying to touch my precious baby! Strangers are much less likely to want to pinch her cheeks or baby talk in her face when she’s attached to me. Not that I don’t like compliments on my beautiful baby (that I worked REALLY hard on lol) but I worry about germs and whatnot.

  8. Kristin Campbell

    I wear my baby because it soothes him when he’s sick, makes him feel secure and overall we both enjoy the bonding time. My husband is even amazed at how it just feels right.

  9. Allison

    I’ve already fallen in love with the Ergo design and heard such great reviews, so it definitely seems like the best carrier for me. It seems much easier to wear your baby and have your hands free, especially when she’s super little.

  10. Rina

    I have worn all 3 of my kids (ages 4, 2, and 10 weeks.) I have worn the baby since he was 3 days old in order to have my hands free when the older kids need me!

  11. Jamie R.

    We love the ergo! I love to wear my baby to keep him close and safe to me. He falls alseep easily when he is snug against Mama. Plus, having my hands free allows me to tackle other things!

  12. Megan D

    Wearing my baby means getting things done! I love that I can do things around the house when she’s in the mood to be held. The Ergo is one of my favorite carriers because it’s so versatile.

  13. Vanessa

    I love wearing my baby because it puts my in the perfect spot to attend to her needs and be there to comfort her when she needs me <3

  14. Amy

    My husband and I love our Ergo. It is our go to gift for friends and family who are expecting.

  15. Ashley G

    I love baby wearing as it keeps baby close and lets him see the world from a safe snuggly view point. I have wanted an ergo for so long and now I’m finally getting one! :)

  16. Casey Howard-Lanoue

    I would like to continue to babywear with my second baby(due in Aug)because I really enjoyed the extended paternal bond it gave to my husband. I also enjoyed the extended maternal bond it gave me when I wasn’t breastfeeding. I believe it helped her become a more independent baby because she has never played shy with anyone. <3

  17. Denise Sanborn

    I love/loved wearing my babies. With my son it was more a need. He had colic and walking with him was the only way to soothe him. With my daughter is is nice to have a free hand and she loves it. She curled up like she was still in the womb and slept every time she was on till she was almost 4 months old..

  18. Heather Brigance

    I love wearing my babies because it makes them so calm and happy. I really love my Ergo and my 17 month old still rides in it several times a week!

  19. Dana

    I want to wear my baby because I love being close to him. He just turned 1 year old and I want to remember these times so that I will cherish them forever.

  20. Charice Adams

    I want to wear my baby because it gives me the independance as a mommy to do other things with my hands, without losing the ability for all the bonding with my child. It soothes them, and keeps them content while I stay on top of things.

  21. Marie

    I love wearing my daughter and keeping her close while I still am able to get things done around the house and also at my job as our church custodian.

  22. Linda

    wearing the baby gives me free hands to do other things around the house when she’s fussy and wants to be held!

  23. Carlee

    I love wearing my daughter because I love having her next to me and she loves to be with me! I am a full-time working mom (a teacher!) and miss her so much when I am at school. I treasure every minute of our time at home together! When I wear my baby, it’s easy to get things done and hang out with my girl at the same time.

    Also, I shared on Facebook!

  24. Natilie Nicole

    I can’t wait to wear my baby because it gives you more time to bond and your hands are free!

  25. Stacy

    Baby wearing makes life easier. I wouldn’t be able to cook without my ergo! I have carried both children in the ergo at different times and they both LOVE it!

  26. Faye Sacramento

    I want to wear my baby because I believe that it will strengthen the bond of trust between us. I’ve read that we can be more sensitive and responsive to the child’s needs/wants because of the constant, close interaction. We’re going to try EC, so knowing my baby’s cues will help tremendously. My husband is REALLY excited to be able to wear baby around everywhere, as well. We can’t wait till next month! :)

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