Win Two Prizes from ERGObaby!

Enter to win two prizes from ERGObaby!

ERGObaby is a family owned and operated company located on Maui, Hawaii. Since 2003, they have been providing parents with the most thoughtful, highest quality, and most innovative babywearing products and accessories found on the market.

If you’re pregnant consider babywearing! The benefits of this practical tradition have been noted by parents and caregivers all over the world!

The Prizes:

Front Pouch ($21.00)

This accessory has tremendous versatility. Velcro attaches the pouch around the waist belt when the ERGObaby carrier is worn on the front, back or hip.

It comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry your personal items with you, even when you are not using the ERGObaby carrier. Keep your wallet, checkbook, cell phone, sunglasses, and keys easily accessible, while keeping your baby close and your HandsFree! A component of ERGObaby’s HandsFree System.

Backpack ($48.00 – $64.00)

This redesigned, 100% cotton canvas Backpack features our signature Cranberry color: a perfect complement to the Cranberry ERGObaby Carrier and Front Pouch. The new design includes a Velcro-secured storage area on the back to conceal the shoulder straps when attached to the carrier, as well as four outside pockets, two inside zippered pockets, a side zippered pocket for easy access when in use, and padded shoulder straps for use as a day pack.

How to Enter: Leave a comment below telling us why you want to wear your baby.

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  1. Lana

    We wore our first child all the time and it was an amazing way to bond with him! It was a wonderful way to soothe him and also made our lives a lot easier. Can’t wait to begin the babywearing with baby #2 expected in November.

  2. melissa

    I would like to wear my son because he feels safer and loves to cuddle. He loves being close to me or my husband whenever he wants. He cries less often and feels safer. He’s a happier baby when I wear him!!

  3. melissa

    I love wearing my son, he loves it too! He likes being close, and having that cuddle time to make him a secure and happy baby! He cries less, and feels secure when I wear him everyday! whats better than that? :)


    Wearing my children not only gave me the freedom to “do what needed to get done”, (chores around the house, errands around the neighbourhood etc.), it provided us with many hours of bonding time. Nursing was easier, we could play games with eachother while I folded laundry, they were a lot more social with other people than when they were latched up in the stroller….generally, my daughter and son were happier up high with mummy:)

  5. Jenn

    I love Ergo Carriers! Their products are great. Carrying your baby keeps the healthy too!~

  6. ree

    Wearing my first baby made my life so much easier. With breastfeeding and with our sling, my first daughter and I were pretty much pick-up-and-go. I also think that wearing my daughter created a closer bond between us. I can’t wait to wear my next daughter (due any day now!)

  7. Irvi Luthel

    I love wearing my baby.. I’m using the Organic Ergo baby carrier and my baby sleeps on it. Baby loves to be close to Mommy and I love him close to smell his sweet baby scent.. heaven! I can position him for nursing also in a comfortable way using it. This is just great!

    Me being petite at 4’11 and Hubby being tall at 6′, with our Ergo carrier, both of us can wear our baby =)

  8. Agnieszka

    Wearing my son gives us a chance to be close, and spend more time together while still having some houseworks done.

  9. Stephanie Hanes

    I love to wear my son because he loves to be close to his mommy and I love having him close to me. I love being hands free when I need to be but still be able to keep him “close enough to kiss”. With a toddler, it’s also helpful to be able to play with her or chase her around while wearing my son.

  10. Teish

    I’ve done baby wearing with all three of my kids, and plan to continue it with my next baby. It’s nice to be able to give my arms a break and still keep my little one close. It also makes it SO much easier to get things done when the baby is happily snuggling up next to me, but my hands are still free. :-)

  11. Crystal

    I wear my babies because I love their smell, the feel of their warmth next to me and most of all because I love them too much to put them down.

  12. Veronique Egbers

    I loved having my little one close by. We share some great adventure together!

  13. Heather T

    I want to wear my baby because i think it will be a great bonding experience. The added bonus is that it can be worn by dad as well. we like to go for walks and this would allow us to do that w/o the bulky stroller.

  14. Melanie

    What is not to love about babywearing?!? Best thing ever! I think I will just keep having babies so I always have at least one to wear…

  15. Jennifer

    I love the Ergo because my little girl is close to me and for it’s convenience, but my little girl loves it because can observe the world and feel secure near mommy.

  16. Jason B.

    I want to wear my baby because, after a week’s vacation at Walt Disney World with the baby stuck to my hip like a remora, I need a break.

  17. Kelly

    Was given an Ergobaby booklet when the 2 slings we have were recalled! Am pregnant with our 2nd and ohhhhh my would this help me bond with the new addition while still being mama to our little girl.

  18. Dawn

    I want, or actually need, to wear my baby not only to bond with her and give her a secure foundation in life, but to continue to give my other three children the attention, love and devotion that they both deserve and are accustomed to, which will go on to enhance their sibling relationships.

  19. amanda moline

    I want to wear my baby because it’s the best way to bond with them! and it will make it easier for him to breastfeed if he’s right there by the ” source “

  20. Nicole H.

    I want to wear my baby because I can be closer to my baby. And, it’s more convenient going out versus lugging around the stroller.

  21. Cintia

    I want to wear my baby because I just like to have them next to me at all times. They grow up fast so I really enjoy the closeness of the first years.

  22. Rae

    Aside from the wonderful feeling of having my baby close to me, it’s easier to travel on the subway or bus with l’il yogini attached to me.

    I shared and twittered this contest!

  23. Maybelline

    I would love to have my hands free but have my baby boy close and that way he would feel secure when we are in unfamiliar places for him.

  24. Tina August

    I love to wear my baby so he is within kissing distance at all time. Okay, though true, I wear my baby mostly because he screams his head off every time he is in a stroller, but he is SO smiley and playful when I am wearing him!

  25. Morgan Pierce

    I wear my daughter because it makes me feel more secure about who is touching her while we are out. I love to wear her in my ergo because I can move her all around depending on what I’m doing!!!

  26. Dana

    I want to wear my baby so I can get some housework done! :) Also, he really, really hates the stroller so I usually carrying him everywhere anyway. My arms get so tired that I have to babywear!

  27. Jessie

    I want to wear my baby because it helps you bond with that precious bundle of joy, as well as helps with breastfeeding, since the baby is always with you and you can listen into their cues easier. Another plus is if you use a manual wheelchair to get around in (I do due to a birth defect), your baby is safe and secure while you have your hands free to push the wheels on your wheelchair.

  28. Laurah

    I would love to “Wear” my baby because you can never be too close to your child. I Believe it improves bonding and promotes a long lasting close relationship with your child. Not only that but I also have a toddler I will be taking care of and I know I will be needing the free hands. This would allow me to bond with baby number 2 while still giving baby number 1 the attention she craves!

  29. Serena Albright

    I am always looking for ways to stay organized & keep it convenient.I would love to try this out when my baby arrives in the next 6 wks or so.

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