Doula’s Hype or Real?

I’ve encountered more than a handful of pregnant women in the past 5 days that are pondering the question of to have or not to have a Doula. And a couple of these women are pregnant for the 2nd time. My initial response is one of shock, really, that is being contemplated? It’s 2010, doesn’t EVERYONE know the important role of a birthing Doula? Um, no. And then when I mention my opinion of the necessity of a postpartum Doula, even if only for the 1st 3-4 days afterwards, they look at me like I’m speaking Greek. “A what?” “Oh, I’m going to have family helping.” Yeah, then my memory kicks in, I was there, I had those same questions…I get it.

I will be blogging this week on about Doulas, what they are, the roles they play, my personal experiences and some of yours, if you are so kind to share them. Doulas are a crucial part of the birthing team, in a hospital or out. And whether your family is there or not, a postpartum Doula will never just be sitting around watching your TV while you write them a check…can we say the same about some of your family members? Oooo, yes I typed that.

In the meantime, check out these sites, great info on Doulas: Doulas of North America Association of Labor Assistants & Childbirth Educators Childbirth & PostPartum Professional Association

Your turn, share some of your thoughts AND questions about Doulas!

Talk soon, Alisa

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