Total Yum, and Easy!

Yesterday I posted on FB & Twitter about making Anna’s bruschetta recipe from her cookbook Anna Getty’s Easy Green Organic. It was in the triple digits and I was tired and hungry and the family needed some food to eat for lunch that wouldn’t heat up the kitchen even more. We are in the height of tomato season right now, so between our family garden (don’t get too impressed, it’s only 2 tomato plants) and my shopping spree at the local Farmer’s Market last Saturday, I had several tomatoes on hand. It was suggested that we make bruschetta and I was INTIMIDATED to say the least.

Look, Anna is my BFF and business partner, and I produced that cookbook, but I’m easily in fear mode in the kitchen, even with her amazing mentorship. I took a big sigh, looked at the recipe and said, “I can do this!” It was so easy, seriously. Chop up 4 tomatoes, a clove of garlic, some fresh basil leaves and mozzarella, season with salt and pepper and voila, that is it! No kidding!!! My favorite part of Anna’s recipe is that she adds the mozz right into it, it really makes it special. Especially for a cheese lover like me. Check it out, it’s on page 57.

We used the mixture on a bread alternative, since my husband is needing to find alternatives to wheat. Whole Foods Market has a wonderful frozen corn bread crust for pizza that you can purchase. I rubbed some olive oil on it, put it in the oven for a few minutes just to unfreeze and then spread the bruschetta on it…a big hit. I also took the 2nd crust and did the same prep and then spread white bean hummus (Trader Joe’s) on it and crumbled a little bit of fresh goat’s feta. Easy yum, that beat the heat. My daughter preferred the bruschetta on the traditional baguette…all good. Trust this inspires you today…have FUN! Alisa

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