The Echo Center Ten Year Anniversary Celebration


We are huge fans of The Echo Center (formally CNVEP) and founder Ruth Beaglehole’s amazing curriculum.  They provide support and practical advise on how to speak to your children and parenting skills from the perspective of empathic listening and compassionate understanding as opposed to discipline and training.  These methods are encouraged to begin with your toddler and move thru adolescence.  We highly recommend this system.

Last weekend they had a blow out 10th Anniversary Gala in Echo Park (Los Angeles). Community supporters and special guests came out to eat, drink, dance, reflect and grow. They listened to impassioned speeches, watched in awe as fire breathers dazzled, cirque du monde acts defied gravity, and a performance by Magician Dave Cox. Notable guests who graced the red carpet included host Adam Scott (NBC’s Park’s and Recreation) Emcee for the evening Moon Zappa, actor Brad Rowe (NATIONAL TREASURE), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (24), and Tony Denison (THE CLOSER).

Although The Echo Center is based in Los Angeles, its mission to make a difference to building healthy families has been helping adults in LA and around the world.  If you live near by please check them out, there are always wonderful events and groups offered on site.  If you aren’t in SoCal, they have a strong cyber program.  Perhaps you will be inspired to be one of their ambassadors to create change in your community and spread their message.  Find out more about their training programs on their website:

Happy Anniversary Echo Center!
Attendees Included:

Adam Scott

Moon Zappa

Brad Rowe

Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Tony Denison

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