National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Celebrating 25 Years

We encourage all women, pregnant or nursing included, to speak with their medical providers about preventative health maintenance or early diagnostic options.  There are many myths about breast health and pregnancy as well as nursing.  Women are still at risk during this time.  Breasts change sometimes radically during pregnancy and the early part of nursing.  All women are encouraged to engage in monthly BSEs or Breast Self Exams.

We are the best early detectors of changes in our body, but only if we are paying attention, and then, only if we are honest about what we observe.  It is true that milk ducts can swell and breasts can feel lumpy and bumpy.  And that nipple discharge can initiate during pregnancy.  It is important to take each opportunity to engage in dialogue with your medical provider and learn more about what is occurring in your body.   Early detection is key for the prevention and intervention of breast cancer.  To learn more about BSE’s please check out

To find out how to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and research for a cure go to:

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