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Our first Pregnancy Awareness Month Contest for 2011:

Episencial is the only company to make baby-safe, all-natural skincare products that support skin immunity and help treat common skin conditions, like eczema, cradle cap and common dehydration. With clinically-effective formulas designed to support the health and development of both the skin and body, Episencial provides a protective barrier to insulate vulnerable skin, offset environmental contaminants, and help keep children safe!

Episencial’s Tips to Healthier Skin for Baby – it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1.     Keep it natural and gentle: baby’s skin is no place for harsh chemical ingredients.
2.     Healthy skin = Healthy body: Skin plays a major role in the immune system, so pay attention to it.
3.     Under development: Baby’s skin is up to five times thinner than an adults and this developing skin type needs special care!

Episencial’s three-step skincare system is the first and only professional-quality skincare system designed specifically to support the developing skin type of babies and kids.

Step 1.                  Bathe: Gently cleanse and hydrate for fresh, healthy skin.

Step 2.                  Nurture: Soothe, heal, moisturize and massage to build immunity and enhance bonding.

Step 3.                  Protect: Prevent and treat to balance and care for tender skin.

An added bonus? Episencial manufactures in the U.S. using solar power and recycled and sustainable packaging – so products are not only good for your skin, but also good for the planet!

Enter To Win The Entire Episencial Line of Products Including:

  • Playful Foaming Wash
  • Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath
  • Better Body Butter
  • Soothing Cream
  • Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35
  • Nurturing Balm
  • Protective Face Balm

A $75 Value!


Leave a comment below telling us why you feel Episencial would be beneficial for your baby’s skin. Winner will be randomly selected from the comments on this post.


Place a comment below for your first entry and then click the LIKE button at the top of this page to share this contest with your family and friends. Once you’ve shared it, post another comment and let us know you shared with your family and friends. Voila! You’ve got TWO entries!


Entries accepted March 1st through March 8th.

We are using a third party service which selects one winner from the comments below.


Once you’ve entered to win the entire Episencial line listed above by placing a comment below, EVERYONE who goes over to the Episencial website and becomes “Safe Skincare Certified” get’s a FREE full-sized Episencial product.


Go to to get “Safe Skincare Certified,” and get your FREE product today!

Learn more about Episencial at

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  1. Heather B

    I would love to win this. I’m expecting my third baby next month! I would love to only use organic products with him/her.

  2. Rachel Antypas

    Hi! Would love to win this for my 5 months old baby! thank you! and I cannot wait til PAM this year
    ! last years was awesome!

  3. erika

    I’ve tried the face balm on my baby and absolutely love it! I live in Michigan, so our winter’s aren’t great. Every time we’ve gone out for any length of time this winter, he’s been protected and we haven’t had any chapping! Love that it’s natural and I don’t need to worry!

  4. Rachel

    My son has eczema on his cheeks and we can’t seem to get rid of it completely. Would love to try this for him and my newborn daughter!

  5. Teish

    With a family history of skin problems, I’m concerned with being extra careful about what sorts of chemicals come into contact with my children’s skin. I look specifically for natural, gentle skin-care products for my kids, especially when they are babies!

  6. Nancy P

    My third baby is due in May. One of my New Year’s resolution is to try and make this baby as “green” as possible – from breastfeeding, to BPA-free toys/pacis/bottles, to all natural skin care and diapering products. I would LOVE to have this Episencial skin care line for my baby-to-be. I would be one step closer to completing my New Years Resolution!

  7. Jenna

    I started using your baby & children lines within the past year and have absolutely LOVED all of the products thus far… my favorite is the soothing cream.

  8. Lena

    My second baby is due in May and I would love to try such a great product for both of my little ones

  9. Zmama

    I’ve heard great rungs about episencial! I’d love to try it out on my 5 month old baby!

  10. Bethany

    I would love to switch to all natural products with my boys, and this would help me know they work just as well!

  11. Shonda

    I would use these products for my newborn coming in May. I have already used the sunscreen for my son and I love their products!

  12. Lilly Lam Jenifer

    I’ve searched and searched for a skin care line that has everything in one package. Living in upstate NY, this winter has been a tough one. My eight month old daughter gets chapped face frequently. It would take weeks for it to heal up even with constant application of moisturizers. The protective face balm is our savor!!! My only regret is that I did not find this product sooner. We’ll be more prepared for next winter.

  13. Michelle Talavera

    I am having my first baby in August and LOVE what Episencial is all about! My goal is to make my baby’s life as green and natural as possible. I plan on using cloth diapers, green cleaning products, and only natural skincare! I love how easy Episencial will make that goal! As my checklist grows, it’s nice to know I can count on Episencial to help me mark a few things off my list! I know my baby’s skin is so sensitive, and Episencial will help me treat my baby’s skin with the utmost care! Thank you for helping my family take better care of our skin!

  14. KristelS

    I think Episencial would be beneficial for my baby since it’s all natural and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals!

  15. Rachel Reichart

    I think that Episencial products would benefit my baby on the way because most of my family has sensitive skin, and my daughter and I both have eczema. I think that more than one of your products would soothe and possibly prevent it from getting out of control at times, and I’d love to try them out!

  16. LeslieW

    I have never heard of this company, but would love to try some of your products on my baby girl! We love using natural products, especially ones that are packaged in recycled materials!

  17. Cathy U

    We babysit our grandsons often and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Epicencial products…. they leave the kids skin so soft, they don’t hurt their little tender eyes, they SMELL good going on and using, AND….. the kids LOVE the bottles the products come in because they LOVE the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar.

    Our daughter is expecting their new little brother or sister later this summer….and we’d love to have these products to give to her for her shower!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  18. Nicole Landers

    One of my best friends for over 10 years recently gave birth to a Down Syndrome baby named Nathan, he is an angel –not to be believed! But my girlfriend is struggling because her ex fiance left her right before she gave birth,we fear he could not handle it and all. I have been asking EVERYONE I know for help because Organic and Safe products for this baby are expensive, we need support for Nathan! He lives with his mom and a good friend of theirs in Studio City, so she is a single mom with a special needs baby who is trying to bring him up as organic as possible, anything you can do to aid us we would cherish, your products are AMAZING! Thank you for all you are doing out in the WORLD!

    Nicole Landers
    Sustainability Advisor

  19. Jade

    My son has extremely sensitive/dry skin, especially with winter here its been hard to keep him comfortable. I just heard about this now and would LOVE to try it out… whether i win or not, I’m sure it will be a product in our home at some point :)

  20. Amanda

    This sounds like awesome all natural line of baby products! I would love to try them on my newborn once he or she comes into this world in September :)

  21. Megan

    I would love to try these products-my son has eczema and I am always looking for something new to help him.

  22. melissa brown

    This would be great for my son who has very sensitive skin. Also has eczema, I always look for natural products for his skin.

  23. Claudia

    My son still drools a lot and get eczema on his cheeks. We’d love to win one of your products to help with that. He already loves your bubble baths!

  24. Natilie

    My son’s skin is sensitive and often overly dry. He would definitely benefit from these products (;

  25. laura

    I am due in 3 weeks and would love to have these earth and baby friendly products for my little one. I love the ethics of this company and the products look amazing. Good luck to us all!

  26. Hannah R.

    My 6-month-old has eczema and very sensitive skin. I would love to try this product.

  27. Christy Boyce

    It would be amazing to win this wonderful gift. I am three months preggers with my third, and as you might figure, we have our hands full! Every little bit helps, and this would be a BIG help!

  28. Dena

    My children have had eczema and I am always looking for something to help them. We also try to use natural products and with baby #6 coming soon I would love to win! Thanks!

  29. Jane

    I have always used all natural products for my son and check everything in the skin deep database. Episencial is one of the best product lines out there. I would love to win some!

  30. Renee G Davis

    I would love to win these products for my cousin’s baby. Maeve Orchid Anderson was born on July 1, 2009 and has been fighting MLL Leukemia for the past five months. Maeve was diagnosed with cancer at 14-months-old. She received a stem cell transplant last Tuesday and has no functional immune system. I would love to provide her with baby products that have no toxins and have even lobbied the hospital to carry non-toxic products for their most vulnerable patients. Here is her story.

  31. Jeanette Hada

    My daughter has had severe eczema since she was 6 months old and I have another little one due in June. This is my first introduction to Episencial products and I’d love to see if they can help. We avoid steroid products and products that contain harmful ingredients when at all possible.

  32. Tanya Mack

    I would love to treat my sensitive-skinned daughter to some organic goodness, she has so many skin issues, and we’ve tried so many products!

  33. Jennifer Taylor

    I am expecting my third boy in June! There are so many toxic chemicals and contaminant in our babies’ environments–would love to use your safe/healthy products on my sweet baby boy!

  34. JenniP

    Both my little ones have severe eczema & the docs have given us prescription creams but who knows the actual toxicity in them, so we’ve been using a calendula cream & getting fair results, but I would love to try your line to see if the complete set would make a difference. The fact that the packaging is safer too for us & the planet? Yay for you! It is appreciated!

  35. Holly

    I would love the playfull foaming wash for my lil one! Bath and skincare products w/out harsh chemicals are so important for our kiddos!!

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