Nurture Yourself By Decorating a Beautiful Space in Your Home

Nurture Yourself By Decorating a Beautiful Space in Your Home

by Annette Tatum

Pregnancy is a magical time.  Moms-to-be are amazing during this time.  They are so self-less, and so dedicated to considering every way to nurture the growing baby in their bellies.  But…Moms, please don’t forget to also take care of yourself too.  You deserve a time to let loose, a time to indulge, and a time to relax.

In honor of “self-nurturing” week during Pregnancy Awareness Month, we invite Moms to nurture their creative spirit by decorating a beautiful space in your home.

Vibrant Organic Paints

During pregnancy…why not let your creativity flow.  Go out on a limb and express yourself.  Liven up your home with bright, vibrant colors.


Create A Spirited Nursery

As you enter the “nesting phase” you’ll want to prepare your nursery  for the arrival of your little one.  Create a room full of life and spirit…a perfect way to welcome a new soul into your home.


Creating a Beautiful Workspace

Ok, we know working does not sound nurturing…but perhaps it can be?  Taking your mind off the little one growing inside and challenging your mind can be very rewarding…especially in a beautiful workspace.  And, if you plan to work once baby arrives, don’t you deserve a space that is “just for you”.


Relaxing Outdoor Nap-time Spaces

Expecting moms need to remind themselves to get off their feet and relax.  But that’s hard to do during the summer when it’s so beautiful outside.

But you can have the best of both worlds…Perhaps the “beautiful space” you create is a wonderful place to kick up your heals and relax, read a book, and meditate in your backyard?

Why not dress up a mattress or daybed you had in storage with decorative pillows   and comfortable bedding, and create an outdoor space perfect for nap-time amongst plants, flowers, singing birds, and the fresh breeze on your face!

Special Spaces…The Bath

One wonderful place to relax aching backs and soar feet from carrying the extra weight is in the bath.  Create a “home-spa” as you soak in a warm tub bubbling with bath salts and Mor soaps.

For more inspirations for your home decor, check out Annette’s book, “The Well-Dressed Home”

This book will inspire you to embrace the idea of designing your own  home to mirror your unique personality and style.

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