Prize Gallery: Twitter Party May 17th

The third of a total of 5 Twitter parties to celebrate Pregnancy Awareness Month, this week focuses on “Nutrition and Wellness.”

This week’s Twitter party is on May 17th at 7pm PST / 10pm EST.

The Hashtag is #MayPAM

PRIZE 1: Bullet Baby (Three !!!)

Three baby bullets (given away separately)

Retail value: $59.97 each.

Learn more at:

PRIZE 2: O Organic

$100 of O Organic grocery products.

PRIZE 3: Lansinoh


1. Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump

  • The Affinity® double electric breast pump combines Custom Expression™ technology and ComfortFit breast flanges to achieve maximum milk flow with a soft secure fit. Guaranteed to prevent milk backup in tubing & pump, lightweight, easy to use and easy to clean. Large Flange size available, BPA Free.
  • $150 value
  • providing  1

2. Lansinoh® HPA®Lanolin

  • The leading product in its category, recognized as the world’s purest lanolin, HPA® Lanolin is the only topical nipple treatment that is 100% natural and does not need to be removed prior to breastfeeding. Soothes, heals and protects cracked nipples.
  • $12.99 value
  • providing 3

3. Lansinoh® Disposable Nursing Pads

  • Lansinoh® Disposable Nursing Pads offer effective, discreet protection from leakage. The special absorbent polymer and stay-dry lining draw milk away and into the core of the pad, keeping skin and clothing dry.
  • $7.99 value
  • providing 3 (36 count)

4. Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags

  • Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags were specially designed for convenient and safe storage and freezing of breastmilk. Leak-proof, double zipper seal, pre-sterilized medical grade storage bags, BPA Free.
  • $7.99
  • Providing 3 (25count)

5. Lansinoh® Affinity® Breastmilk Storage Bottle

6. Lansinoh® Clean & Condition™ Baby Wipes

  • Lansinoh® Clean & Condition Baby Wipes are soft and gentle on baby’s delicate skin. Prevents dryness and chafing in the diaper area while providing a protective barrier from wetness between diaper changes. Pop-up dispenser pack, hypoallergenic and alcohol free.
  • $3.89 value

7. Soothies® by Lansinoh® Gel Pads



1. mOmma® Style Bag (white)

  • This elegant diaper bag is designed to facilitate feeding and changing of babies or toddlers with multiple dedicated accessory pockets for all of your needs. Includes a portable change mat and thermal bottle holder!
  • $100 value
  • will provide 1

2. mOmma® Cup with Straw & Dual Handles

  • The round ergonomic shape was designed specifically for your baby’s tiny hands to grip the cup while the unique rocking motion entertains them during mealtime and stimulates their reactivity and concentration . In&out straw system ensures maximum hygiene, non-spill, BPA Free.
  • $10.99 value

3. mOmma® Teether

  • Gino has a double texture that gently massages baby’s sore gums and enhances relief during the various phases of teething. Round shape makes it easy for baby to grasp, water filled, and can be placed in freezer for cooling sensation.
  • $8.99 value


3 Months supply of O.N.E. Drinks

PRIZE 5:  Dr. Greene

Signed Dr. Greene “Feeding Baby Green” book. Dr. Greene will also be on the Twitter party!

New to Twitter Parties?

What is a Twitter Party? A gathering of individuals on Twitter who follow a single conversation or subject using what are called hashtags.

What is a hashtag? A hashtag is the “#” sign. Perhaps because it looks like a hashbrown? No one can be sure. The hashtag for the Pregnancy Awareness Month Twitter Parties is #MayPAM. Whenever you tweet during the Pregnancy Awareness Month Twitter Parties to answer a contest question, ask a question, or make a comment, put #PAM at the beginning or end of your tweet.

Why do we use hashtags? If you login to Twitter and press the “Home” button, you will notice a search box in the right sidebar. If you enter #MayPAM in the box and press enter you will see all of the people participating in the Pregnancy Awareness Month Twitter parties and will be able to converse with them!

How do I enter contests? Login to Twitter and make sure you are following Pregnancy Awareness Month at Then watch both the Pregnancy Awareness Month tweets and when we post a contest, tweet back to us by pressing “reply” or tweeting to @PregAwareness.

Example Tweet: “@PregAwareness I love being pregnant!”

Putting the “@” sign in front of a Twitter user’s name sends the tweet to them.

What is a Retweet? Also abbreviated like this: RT, a Retweet is a copy of a tweet.

Tweet: @PregAwareness I love being pregnant!


Retweet: RT @PregAwareness I love being pregnant!

Twitter lets you automatically Retweet posts. Be careful though, you only have 140 characters to use! Make it short and sweet.


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