From One Mother’s Arms into Another

New moms can be your best resource in transferring crucial parenting and bonding techniques.  After my daughter was born a friend came to visit with a gift, a bottle of Weleda Calendula Oil.  She explained how it was the first oil that she used on her son and that massaging a baby daily had amazing data supporting its roll in brain development among other things.  I recall her opening the bottle and smelling it and letting me too as she told me how the scent brought back beautiful infant massaging, talking, and singing.  It was definitely a profound moment in our friendship.

We went together into the bedroom and she watched me massage my daughter, and gave me tips.  Even as small as she was, my daughter reacted to the massage in such a positive way.  And it encouraged me to feel confident.  I was still so new at holding her outside of my body, and actually had been a bit shocked at how awkward I was at times in changing her clothes or diaper, or in holding her to breastfeed.  By touching her and using my hands with this pure, calendula oil, I was connecting to both her and myself in a different way.  It was magical.

Believe it or not, that was my introduction to Weleda, and Anna and I continue to use their products today.  Here’s our favs:

Have you heard about the healing aspects of Calendula, which is also called marigold?  As a homeopathic, it is typically used for cut, scrapes, and bug bites.

Weleda has been a forerunner, celebrating their 90th anniversary this year, in harvesting practices that are respectful to the earth and protective of our natural resources through biodynamic farming.  They harvest all of the calendula by hand, and only use organic chamomile, read more.

In August they are partnering with Pregnancy Awareness Month®.  We will have a weekly giveaway later this month as well as a Twitter Party focusing on their amazing Baby Care line of Calendula formulated products. “Weleda Calendula Baby Care helps care for a baby’s delicate skin with the best ingredients from nature. We use Biodynamic calendula extract from flowers that are grown each summer in our very own gardens in Germany.” Pato Pol, a Weleda Aesthetician, Doula, and Baby Massage expert.

If you are learning about Weleda for the first time or getting reacquainted with them, Anna and I encourage you to go to their website and learn more about their practices and mission.  There is a tutorial on bathing and massaging a newborn, linked earlier in this blog.  They also have a community page with tips, the current incentive is for you to add a tip to their page for a $2 coupon.

Alisa Donner, MSW, LCSW

Co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month®

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