Go Inward

As I write this a Fall wind is wrapping itself around my house. My six-year-old is back in school and I can hear my son, just two running around the yard. I smile briefly because I am in gratitude, thankful for a bit of silence and a moment of reflection. This past summer was crazy with traveling and lots of guests coming to stay with us and now I sit here alone and am reminded that it is important to go inward, reflect, meditate. I remember before I had children taking time for myself was so easy. It just was. I hiked in the hills alone, I meditated in my little temple solo and sat quietly on my bed and read a book.

These days simple tasks like that can be challenging. My son still wants to be in my arms all the time and my daughter needs me for homework and projects. Obviously I value the time with my children, they need me and one day they won’t, well not in quite the same way but taking a moment to have to oneself is not a luxury, it is a necessity. And I just don’t mean a late night bath, where one collapses in the lukewarm water that has been waiting for you all night. I mean, focused time alone. It may be scheduled or it may “occur” organically but it must be cultivated and re-occurring.

When a woman is pregnant (with her first child anyway) cultivating time alone, a time of reflection happens so easily. You are bonding inwardly with your child, you are musing on your future as a mother…and then baby comes and everything is so external, so right in front of you. Ladies, the seasons are changing, our children are growing and life goes on. But please take this time to notice the sounds around you, acknowledge the things you have done and take a deep breath, better yet take a few.

Anna Getty, Founder, Pregnancy Awareness Month, author, Holistic Life Expert, and mother of 2 adorable children!

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