Yoga for Two

We often hear during pregnancy that it is important to eat for two, it is also important to drink enough water for two and do exercise for two. Doing yoga during one’s pregnancy is a great way to stay limber, prepare for birth, gain strength and connect to your growing baby. Prenatal yoga is designed for pregnant women, it is low impact, a great workout and safe, geared specifically towards our changing bodies and hormones.

Our co-founders both taught and practiced The Khalsa Way style of prenatal yoga which gets it’s roots from Kundalini Yoga, a style of yoga which focuses on the breath, meditation, Mantras(chanting) and Mudras (meditative hand postures). The yoga atmosphere is one of community, peace and connection. Anusara Prenatal Yoga is much more on flow, building strength but because there are quite a bit of inversions and if you are a beginner I suggest a lot of modification. It is a wonderful yoga to do during pregnancy. I have often seen pregnant women in Bikram’s sweltering hot classes. If your practice is Bikram (also known as the hot yoga) by all means if you have your doctor’s go ahead…go ahead but if you are new to yoga stick with a Hatha, Iyengar or Kundalini based prenatal yoga class. We have tried them all and loved them all but it is up to you to ultimately fid the one with which you connect to.

Google for great prenatal yoga classes near you or pick up one of the many DVDs out on the market. We stress that no matter what exercise you consider doing during your pregnancy, you must get the okay from your prenatal care practitioner.

Team PAM

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