A Turn for the Better

Four years ago, when my wife, Jama, was pregnant with our first daughter, Adeline, we wanted to play music to her belly.  Why?  Well we weren’t really sure to be honest with you.  We had a vague understanding that it was a beneficial prenatal practice – something to do with transforming our developing offspring into an off-the-charts genius (and our little Addy is a pretty quick witted 4yr old who is apt to harmonize – used loosely – to Rolling in the Deep, but whether or not that can be attributed to the womb sessions is something that will remain a mystery).  And if we wanted to do it, we imagined that other parents might also be interested in trying it out as well.  Long/short, a few years later Bellybuds were born.

Since that time, as you can imagine, we’ve done a lot of research about the benefits of playing sounds to the womb (you can read some studies on our website here) – one of which we had an opportunity to experience firsthand with our now 10 month old daughter, Roma.  Right around the 32nd week of the pregnancy our OB told us that the baby was in the breech position (there’s a short video of our experience at our OB’s office here).  My wife had had a totally natural birth with our first and was determined to do it again so a caesarean section was not an ideal option for us.  We knew that midwives and doulas, among other techniques (read more here), recommended playing pleasant music down low on the abdomen to encourage the baby to turn toward it.  So we decided to become a Bellybuds case study and Jama began placing the buds on the underside of her belly and playing Mozart (and a little Dave Matthews) for about a half hour a day.  Well, within a couple days, Roma had turned downward to the proper position and we ended up having a successful natural birth!

Babies often will end up turning on their own, but I’ll tell you, what was most valuable was that my wife had an option to do something herself, that she was able to be pro-active in helping turn the baby instead of just sitting around waiting and hoping that it would happen.  As satisfying as it is to run this business and hear from customers that they enjoy the product, that experience was a topper and it’s one that I love to share with the hope that it may help others.

Curtis Williams, Creator & Co-founder of Bellybuds LLC and father of two beautiful girls

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