Cooking with Love and Intention: Nutrition Means More than Eating Your Vegetables

Pregnant women often feel inspired to learn how to better nourish their bodies and their babies during pregnancy and what a great time to educate yourself!  Nutrition plays an enormous role in the health and strength of the baby, and in the development of organs. Nutrition also plays a very important role for the mother as it can improve and prevent pregnancy discomforts, and give her energy for the birth.

Most people do not realize that nutrition also plays a huge role in perineum integrity. A skin fed with white flour and sugar is dry and thin, which can make tearing more likely. A skin nourished with good oils and fats such as avocado, nuts, and olive oil (if well moisturized, hydrated, and strong) will stretch and accommodate the baby beautifully without any damage. Got your attention? I knew it.

But the importance of nourishment goes way beyond simply eating the food. It is also about choosing where to buy and who to buy it from. Learning where and how our food grows is a very current and important matter.  Preparation and intention also play a huge role. I am a mother of four children and I work full time. And yet, every day I enjoy cooking dinner for my family. With each leaf I wash and each vegetable I chop, I imagine my children’s eyes being able to see for many years and I envision their lungs strong. I see energy for their growing bodies as well as nutrients for their brain that will assist them in becoming sharp and smart. I also think about my loving husband and his health and how I am helping to keep his cholesterol low and his heart strong so we can grow very very old together.  Sharing this food together ups its nourishment value even more.

In addition to teaching healthy eating in my childbirth education classes, I live it and teach by example. I serve couples a nutritious meal with loving intention. Choosing, preparing and serving people good food loaded with love goes a long way and the result is happy and healthy tummies and faces.

Cooking in a healthful way is a lot easier that it seems—it’s not intimidating and can actually be quite simple. In cases of “kitchen phobia”, I highly recommend taking some fun and inspiring cooking and green classes offered in communities all over the globe, including our own.

Bon Appetite, Bonne Vie,

Ana Paula


Ana Paula Markel - Certified Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainer.

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