AVEENO® Continues Its Dedication In Providing Top Quality Infant Care with the Launch of AVEENO® Baby Organic Harvest™

When it comes to your baby, you want to be able to trust the products you use on your little one’s delicate skin. Making sure you use natural skin care products is just as important to their health as providing them healthy, natural foods. As a pediatrician-recommended brand for more than 60 years for use of natural ingredients, the AVEENO® Brand continues their ever-growing commitment to harnessing the best of nature with the introduction of their first organic line, AVEENO® Baby Organic Harvest™.

This new line of efficacious products uses mild and simple formulas with under 12 ingredients, including ACTIVE NATURALS® organic oat known for its soothing and therapeutic properties to help care for babies’ delicate skin. Believing that nature has the power to make life more beautiful, AVEENO® ACTIVE NATURALS® are ingredients found in nature and proven by science to have the power to help everyone capture their own natural beauty, inside and out.

Offering consumers organic product solutions that fit in their everyday lives, this product collection is formulated with at least 70% organic ingredients, is allergy tested and fragrance-free. Within the collection lives Foaming Wash & Shampoo, Lotion and Diaper Rash Cream. As the first and only USDA Certified Organic baby lotion by a pediatrician recommended brand, the AVEENO® Baby Organic Harvest™ Lotion contains 95% certified organic ingredients.  While many mothers recognize the USDA Seal for organic food at their local grocer, these strict guidelines are now being used in personal care products as well. Although the USDA does not regulate the term “organic” for cosmetics and body care, products that contain at least 95% certified organic ingredients grown in a certified organic farm are now able to receive this prestigious seal. Those are ingredients you can feel good about!

Your baby is the best part of you so it is important to make sure they are cared for in a healthy and natural way. Including everything you need to keep your baby’s skin healthy every day, find out more information on the AVEENO® Baby Organic Harvest™ collection at http://www.aveeno.com/products/organic-harvest.

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