Cord Blood Banking: Planning Ahead for your Family’s Health

If you had to summarize the value of a stem cell in one word, it would be potential. Your baby’s umbilical cord has the potential to nurture life – long after your baby is born. By storing the stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood, you’ve preserved a valuable medical option for your family.

Be Informed:  Cord Blood Facts

When deciding whether or not cord blood banking is right for you, consider these facts:

  • Over 25,000 transplants worldwide have used cord blood stem cells.
  • Cord blood is the fastest growing source of stem cells in pediatric transplants.
  • Cord blood is used today to treat nearly 80 life-threatening diseases and research is ongoing to identify new uses.

Be Inspired: Real Life Happy Endings

Of course we hope our ViaCord families will never need to use their banked stem cells, but the value in having them available as a potential treatment option shouldn’t be overlooked.

Andy’s Story – The Lifesaving Potential of Sibling Cord Blood

Starting at birth, Andy battled many infections and doctors were baffled. He was eventually diagnosed with NEMO, a rare genetic disorder. Since a stem cell transplant was needed, cord blood was collected from Andy’s new baby sister, Sofia, for use in his treatment. Read on to learn how sibling cord blood donation changed Andy’s life.

Cord Blood in Action – Baby Harlow’s Story

Just as cord blood can provide amazing benefits to a sibling, it can be just the medicine needed to treat the child from whom it was collected. Baby Harlow is such a case; at 3 months old a cancerous tumor was discovered in her abdomen. Read on to find out how Harlow’s own cord blood played a key role in helping her be tumor free.

A ‘maybe one day’ turns into a chance for Katie

Amy planned for cord blood banking during her pregnancy. But Amy didn’t expect that her daughter Katie would be diagnosed with hypotonia, a condition affecting muscle development and motor skills. Read on to see how Katie’s own cord blood stem cells affected her condition after she joined a research study.

Whether this is your first time at being a parent or your fourth, you already know that raising a child is often unpredictable. It’s impossible to control the unknown, but you can control what you know. Be informed, know your options, and make the best choice for your family.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that cord blood will provide a cure or be a suitable treatment option for that child or a sibling. Transplant success is dependent upon many factors including disease type, patient condition, recipient-donor relationship and matching, and more. Use will be determined by a physician. Cord blood use for emerging treatments, like cerebral palsy and type 1 diabetes, is experimental.


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