The Snacking Opportunity

by Tara DelloIacono Thies RD

Chief Nutrition Strategist at Clif Bar & Company, makers of LUNA Bar

Feeling a bit moody and tired throughout your days? Pregnancy will do that to even the most active and healthy women. The good news is that by snacking smart, you can help alleviate these low points and boost your energy.

Snacking is an important opportunity for nourishment and will help you feel better, especially during pregnancy:

  • Blood sugar typically dips several hours after eating, and small, frequent snacks smooth out those energy peaks and valleys, fight fatigue, and keep the metabolism humming.
  • Eating several snacks a day helps curb cravings and prevents hunger pangs.
  • Snacking adds structure to a daily eating plan, providing a boost even when schedules are erratic.

Smart snacking is about making SMART choices to get the nutrients your body needs and meet your cravings.

  • Fruit and vegetables – eat as much as you want, especially the colorful ones, which are usually richer in vitamins and antioxidants
  • Whole grains – oatmeal, whole wheat foods, brown rice
  • Eat small and often – eating smaller more frequent meals curb the urge to binge on a big meal
  • Make no food forbidden – allow yourself to indulge once in a while. (Remember, dark chocolate is chock full of antioxidants!)

Be proud of what you put into your body. Trust your gut to help you snack smart by honoring your cravings and enjoying nutritious, and sometimes indulgent, food.

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