Wake a Sleeping Baby? Are You Nuts?? by The Diaper Guru

To wake a sleeping baby, yes, you would have to be nuts. Waking your baby while he/ she is sleeping to change a diaper is the last thing you want to do. Plus, waking your baby during their slumber can interrupt their sleep patterns- which is so vital to mom and dads’ sanity- and their long-term ability to develop a semi-normal one.

If you using disposable diapers nighttime changes will be seldom. Though, if baby does wake by themselves, I highly recommend a change as you don’t want baby sitting in their own waste. Rarely, if ever, will a well-fitting disposable leak at night.

But cloth. Oh cloth, how I do love thee. However, with a nighttime super-soaker, it turns to more of a love-hate relationship. Soaking through diapers is more common with cloth (no artificial chemicals to make it appear “dry”) so you need to arm yourself with a nighttime stash. You can either double up with a doubler (clever name, eh?) or simply add another prefold to the drawers. Ask any cloth diapering mama and they will have many, many suggestions on their favorite brands and tricks. My personal favorite is to use a synthetic material (like micro fleece) underneath the more natural one that’s touching your baby. Also, using a wool diaper cover should help. If you’re into the two-part system, try using a fitted diaper. These are fantastic for nighttime- just don’t forget the cover on top of it!

Regardless of type of diaper you choose, should your baby have diarrhea or a diaper rash, I would suggest waking baby (gasp!) to change their diaper. Just keep the lights down low by using a nightlight and undress baby as little as possible. I’ve even been known to have a helper (read: husband) wake up to help me go quickly and efficiently to minimize sleep disruption. Even though getting out of bed and potentially waking baby is misery, keeping baby clean and dry will help to prevent baby’s skin from becoming more irritated. Remember, a clean, dry bum makes for a happy baby!

THE DIAPER GURU is a monthly Pregnancy Awareness Month column written by Laura Gately of Blessed Bums Organic Diaper Service. Laura is a happy mama to her first baby, Madeleine. She is the founder and owner of Blessed Bums Organic Diaper Service in Los Angeles where she lives with her family.


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