Surviving the Summer When Pregnant

By Mirranda Reinhardt for Pregnancy Awareness Month®

Summers are only getting hotter and everyone’s trying to find ways to beat the heat. If you’re pregnant you’ve probably heard at least a few women come up to you and tell you how much they hated being pregnant during summer time. Indeed, it seems that winter is usually easier on the pregnant mama who’s already hot from hormone shifts.

With pregnancy lasting nine months, it stands to reason that most women will get to experience the joys of summertime gestating. I’ve personally survived two summer time first trimesters and a mid June delivery. If you’re struggling to tough it out, try some of my favorite tips on for size.

Drink Water: Yes, I said water. That doesn’t mean commercially flavored water, soda or sweet tea all of which have extra sugar. A pregnant mama needs plenty of water anyway and what better way to cool off than with a nice iced beverage. If you can’t stand the idea of another boring drink, find a way to shake it up. Add a slice or two of lemon, a couple of berries or even a sprig of fresh mint. Variety is the spice of life and if you’re mixing up the flavor a little you’ll probably find yourself wanting to drink more.  Eating foods with a high water content is another great way to stay hydrated during warmer weather. Foods like jicama, watermelon and cucumber are delicious and full of water.

Splash Around: The last thing most of us want to do is don a swimsuit while pregnant, but spending some time in the water can be not only cooling but relaxing. If you aren’t the type that’s comfortable trekking to the local pool with a baby bump, head to the nearest discount store. Grab one of those plastic blue kiddie pools, strap it to the top of your minivan and head home to fill her up. Not only will you get to relax in the water, you’ll get to spend time outside without sweating your tushy off. Be sure to slather on the sunblock, pregnancy can be uncomfortable enough without a sunburn thrown into the mix. Find a sunblock that’s free of harmful chemicals here.

Eat Light: Pregnant mamas already deal with a variety of stomach issues, and many are made worse by heat. There’s nothing quite like first trimester summertime nausea. Small, light meals are easier on the tummy and are more likely to stay down. Fresh foods like salads and fruits are great choices. If the idea of a meat and potatoes dinner is positively stomach turning, try a chicken salad with vinaigrette instead. To beat the heat induced nausea be sure to eat small snacks frequently.

Find the Cool: If all else fails and you just can’t handle the heat any longer there’s no shame in hanging out inside. Turn on the A/C if you have one. During my pregnancies we suffered through with a swamp cooler so I sought out cool places. Head to the grocery store or mall where the A/C keeps the temperature comfortable and spend some time walking around. The exercise will be good for you and baby as well.

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