Swag Sunday Giveaway June 10th

Vitafusion & L’il Critters Gummy Vitamins Gift Basket

Contents: 2 Vitafusion PreNatal, 1 Vitafusion Calcium, 1 Vitafusion Vitamin D, 1 Vitafusion FiberWell, 1 Vitafusion Power C, 1 Vitafusion Womens, 1 Vitafusion MultiVites, 1 L’il Critters GummyVites, 1 L’il Critters Calcium, 1 L’il Critters Omega 3, 1 L’il Critters Omega-3, 1 Vitafusion Simple Steps Box, 1 Vitafusion Daily Vision Box, and 1 Vitafusion pedometer.

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Business info: Northwest Natural Products is the maker of Vitafusion and L’il Critters gummy vitamins. We Make Nutrition Taste Good is more than just a slogan. It’s the cornerstone of our company. We’re committed to bringing our customers the best tasting, highest quality and most innovative products on the market.

Estimated Retail Value:  $100


Win Our First Swag Sunday Giveaway.

To enter to win the Swag Sunday giveaway, simply leave a comment below telling us if you have tried this product before, or why you would like to try it.

We will use Random.org to randomly select a winner from the comments below. The winner will be selected at 9am PST on Monday, June 11th.

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  1. Anne Lehnick

    My kids really love teh Lil’ Critters supplements. We have tried the omega-3′s, calcium and daily vitamins and they love ‘em all!

  2. katie klein

    I have not tried it before and would be interested to see if my family enjoys gummy vitamins.

  3. brandi

    I’ve recently decided I need to start getting healthier, and there is no better day to start than today.

  4. Martika graham

    I would love to try these because I have heard many great things about this product. I have a problem with taking most vitamins but i have heard that these are much better than most

  5. greena

    hi, i love vitafusion gummy vitamins . they are easy to take. no artificial color and healthy. i tried some of their products but not all of them listed a bove!

  6. melanie

    would like to try it because I have heard good things about your products, i would like my son and i to be healthier and i have problems swallowing pills

  7. Christine Laffoon

    I have tried VitaFusion Prenatal, and they are great because they don’t hurt my stomach at all!

  8. Amy Murphy

    We have used the kids vitamins many, many times, and absolutely love them. I would love to try the adult gummy vitamins, if only we didn’t have a budget to consider!!

  9. Carina H

    Ive used VitaFusion vitamins in the past … but have yet to try their prenatals! What better time than now as a recent newlywed!

  10. Deanne Belardino

    I love vitafusion gummies! I would love this!!! I should be taking prenatal vitamins to prepare for pregnancy but have not started trying yet or taking the vitamins… what a great incentive this would be! :)

  11. malissa Latoya hughes

    I love the vita fusion gummies ..Thats all i have tried and they are fabulous…. Due In December wink;)

  12. heather mcdaniels

    I have tried these vitamins awhile ago but cannot afford to keep getting them, they are the yummiest and easiest to take, chewy gummies are the best exspecially these!

  13. Michelle Montan

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED taking the Vitafusion PreNatals when I was preggers with my son. I still take them even though he is now FOUR :) It leaves my hair so soft and my nails grow strong and long! I also take Vitafusion FiberWells to keep my tummy happy! I tell all of my friends about these vitamins because they are easy to take and taste fantastic!

  14. Chris Wernette

    I never tried it before, but I want to try it because it looks and sounds awesome!

  15. Lilly

    I have tried the L’il Critters GummyVites for my little ones. They are so yummy and absolutely no problem eating them here! :). I would love to try the prenatal ones definitely are important! Mommies need all the vitamins they can get. I would have an easy time taking these:) look so yummy!

  16. Amanda Selenke

    I’ve taken the pre-natal gummies and I loved them! They were the only ones that didn’t make me sick through my pregnancy. Would love to try their other products

  17. Jenn Mistretta

    I actually have tried the product before and would be stoked to win a whole basket of goodies!

  18. Sharon C.

    Wow, great swag! No I have not tried this product but would love to. I mean, who doesn’t love gummies!

  19. Rhonda Grisham

    I haven’t tried these before, but my pregnant daughter in law takes the Prenatal, and my grandbabies use the GummyVites. Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. sasha

    I havent tried this product but id be interested in it for sure! I have a 1 year old and am 8 and a half months pregnant and find it hard to find time to get all of the nutrients I need in a day, as well as my son being the picky eater he is im always worried he isnt getting the nuttrients he needs:)

  21. Amanda Kaye Grant

    Would LOVE to win!

    I have tried a couple Peach tasting vitamins and those were great!
    Would LOVE to try more!

    Amanda Kaye Grant

  22. diane welburn

    I havent tried these products but would love to try them and my children and husband would probably use them too!

  23. monique

    I would love to try your products !!I don’t usually take vitamins.I just had my 41st birthday yesterday.I am thinking although I don’t feel any older than about 25yrs old I figure starting a vitamin regime couldn’t hurt :)Thanks for this opportunity to possibly try your stuff out!!
    Kind regards Monique

  24. Heather Copeland

    I used the Gummy Prenatals with my first pregnancy. Had the worst morning sickness and these were the only vitamins I could keep down.

  25. shannon henderson

    I would like to win these so I can give them to my daughter in law, who is currently pregnant. I’ve given the Lil’ Critters to my nephew, and he loves them.


    This looks amazing. Am so into the products you guys are sharing!! Only buy the plums organics. My lilttle girl loves them. Am planning to pick up a pair of daddy scrubs for the up coming birth of number two.

  27. Becky

    I would love to try these out! Always looking for great supplements for me and my family! :)

  28. Amanda Owens

    I have tried this product before and my family loves them! My daughter looks forward to her morning gummy vitamin! Great giveaway! Thank you!


    We have tried the children’s GummyVites but would love to win the basket since there are vitamins for the entire family :)

  30. Malissa Rieck

    I am pregnant and take the Vitafusion PreNatal vitamins every day and I LOVE them. As well as being good for me and the little one in my womb, the vitamins taste great and are easy on my tummy. I would recommend these for any mommy-to-be!

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