Summer Fruit is Here, Get it While it Lasts

Summer is an amazing time for the fruit lover. My daughter LOVES fruit, she has since first being introduced to food as a toddler.  Sometimes I refer to her lovingly as my “fruitarian” since she eats so much fruit.  Is this ringing any bells for anyone else?

We make a special trip to the local Farmer’s Market each weekend.  Since I live in a major urban area, we have several to choose from.  The outdoor market is a wonderful place to shop, and very interesting to children and babies and toddlers.  I started taking my daughter when I could still carry her in a sling; the bustle of the market never ceases to grab her attention.  She has always enjoyed sampling fruits and vegetables that are on display at the various stands.  I believe that she has benefited from being introduced to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, along with meeting the farmers and their staff directly.  We have relationships with many of these people, and talk to them weekly.  They tell me what variety is at its peak on that date, and even help me to pick out the best item if I request that.

Last weekend in Southern California Blackberries were in peak.  The picture on this post is of the pint that we purchased.  It isn’t full to the brim because they were so juicy and tasty that by the time I got a hold of a camera, half of it was gone.  I was originally going to create a video blog of this, but again, the fruit was so yummy, it was just being eaten too quickly to capture.

image by Ron Hamad

So take it from me and my daughter: if you are wanting some DELICIOUS fruit at its peak, research for your local Farmer’s Market address and make the trip.  Talk to the growers, ask them for their daily recommendation, and ENJOY!

Here is a link that might be helpful in your search:

Team PAM

Image by Ron Hamad, all rights reserved

**REMINDER – Pregnancy Awareness Month’s blog post is for moms and expectant parents by moms (and of course some experts sprinkled in – and some mom’s are licensed board certified experts!).  HOWEVER, we are not giving blanket ADVICE on what you should be doing, eating, how you should be exercising, parenting, etc.  These are opinions, food for thought….think about it all, talk with your mate, and when it comes to diet, exercise, and health questions, ALWAYS discuss and seek advice from your medical health provider.

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