Swag Sunday: 3 Month Supply Premama

This Swag Sunday you can enter to win a 3 Month Supply of Premama simply by commenting on this blog post.

How to Enter

Leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you would like to win a 3 month supply of Premama.

Comments will be accepted until midnight July 15th.

What you can win: 3 Month Supply of Premama

Premama is a flavorless prenatal supplement in drink form allowing moms to take her vitamins and minerals with comfort and ease. Say goodbye to horse pills and the nasty side effects of common prenatal pills; moms don’t experience that with Premama!
Value: $75

What is Premama?

Premama was designed by a team of OB/GYNs, nutritionalists, pharmacists and health business experts dedicated to finding a solution to the discomfort of taking prenatal pills. The devoted team discovered the revolutionary drink mix as a preferred alternative supplement. Premama can be easily taken with flavored drinks and some foods including yoghurts, ice cream and oatmeal! It is complete with all the necessary prenatal vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, iron, DHA, CoQ10 and calcium; these are not only are these good for mom and baby, they greatly help reduce the chances of some birth defects when taken appropriately. Now women can have a healthy pregnancy that is also comfortable – goodbye horsepill!
Check out Premama on their website at http://drinkpremama.com/



  1. Kayla

    I love prenatal vitamins… I used my last one 2 days ago and need to go buy some more. They are great for skin, hair and nails. :)

  2. Jennifer

    I would LOVE this, the horse pills are so hard for me to take and almost instantly give me heartburn, I swear lol …I would really love to try this

  3. Gale L.

    Ooooooo looks good. I hate taking pills. I take gummy vitamins just for that reason! I would love to try this out. I haven’t come across this product before.

  4. Teish

    I’ve always had SUCH a hard time getting down the prenatals due to the morning sickness. (Well, all day sickness actually!) This is a FABULOUS idea!

  5. karen murray

    This would be an amazing opportunity to try something new, that would benefit both me and baby. Proper nutrition and vitamins are essential in our house, and we aalways ensure excellent eating habits and meals for our 2 year old daughter. Not only trying this, but spreading the word about an amazing product would be amazing!

  6. Christine Lynn

    I would love to win a 3 month supply of Premama because I hate taking pills especially the big horse pills! Premama sounds neat! I would love to take this instead of pills!

  7. Anita

    I’d like to win because I hate the huge horse pills and hopefully this would help with me taking my prenatals daily.

  8. Elayna S.

    I’m not sure if the comment is showing or not. Anyways It would be good to win vitamins.

  9. Autumn

    I had such an awful time with my prenatal vitamins during my first pregnancy. I had hyperemesis, so I was in and out of the hospital with nausea and dehydration. These vitamins might help with that, and now that my husband and I are actively trying to conceive (I could be prego right now!) I would love to have these on hand. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

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