The Passionate Work At Home Mommy

When I began working from home dial-up internet was the only internet access available to us. I had left
behind my cushy corporate marketing job to pursue the abyss after discovering that after nearly a year
of trying, we were finally pregnant. I could have been a stay at home mom and not pursued a work at
home business at all, but I was nearly done with my dual B.S. degrees in Marketing and Business and I
loved working with people, so I found myself searching.

While there are literally thousands of ways to work from home, I discovered I could easily pick up
work as a freelance marketing guru. I offered the skills I had obtained while marketing to Fortune 100
companies to those who were seeking that expertise online. In the first year I worked from home I
delivered our first son and had replaced my corporate marketing income.

The key to it all was passion.

My home office two years ago. It looks much different now, but it was simple and worked well, especially when I was on Skype calls or needed quiet for phone calls.

The first few months I stumbled through various ideas. I did everything but offer my marketing skills. I
opened an EBay drop ship business; I bought a few websites and invested in a web design company. At
one point I even bought out a Mei Tai baby carrier company. In the end I realized that I had failed at all
of those “ideas” because I wasn’t passionate about them. I may have made some money with them, but
they weren’t MY businesses, they were ideas that I put into action and that was it.

About half way through my first year working from home I stumbled across a website that would allow
me to bid on marketing projects. I quickly went to work, perfected my proposals and began to pick up

What had changed from the previous months when I was digging through eBay and working with
seamstresses to further develop a baby carrier? I realized I wasn’t passionate about it.

Any woman, and I do mean ANY woman can have a business from their home. There is no reason they
can’t. But, time and time again I have seen gals try to work from home selling a product or operating a
business that they aren’t passionate about. Many times they fail. Operating a successful work at home
business requires that you have the determination to get up and keep going when it doesn’t go your
way. The best way to combat that is to be so passionate about what you are doing and to believe in it so
much that you can’t help but get up, dust yourself off and charge ahead.

Finding YOUR passion.

Yes, I capitalized “YOUR” on purpose. You see, I have seen many of my friends start working from
home as consultants or make one attempt at their home business and give up. With websites like
Etsy and Elance and the ability to network on Facebook and Twitter, there is no reason you can’t do
what you love during nap time, after bed time or a couple days a week on location. If you love to knit,
set up an Etsy shop. If you love to write, sell a book (or 7) using the Amazon Kindle system. If you lost
your corporate job because of the economy or gave it up to be a full-time mommy, use those skills

to help small businesses via Elance. At this moment I can think of mommy friends who are making
a living knitting, writing, helping families create custom pottery, managing social media accounts,
photographing weddings, operating a successful coupon blog, selling items on EBay, working as a virtual
assistant, developing wordpress website templates, developing iPhone apps, editing books, making
cakes, teaching Zumba classes and more. Those are just my friends who have taken their passion and
turned it into a way to earn money from home.

This might be the first-ever PAM blog post that includes homework, but for those of you that just read
that and felt the light bulb switch on above your head, I want you to do two things for me.

1. Write a comment on the blog telling us what you are passionate about. Ask yourself what you
would do EVERY day if you could, even if you didn’t get paid to do it and claim it by posting it
2. Ask yourself what tools, resources and time you have to invest. Using your family’s savings or
a taking out a loan to start a business is not an option. Do you love to take photographs? If you
do, you probably have a camera. Even if it isn’t what all of the pros are using, you can use it to
develop a portfolio. Use the tools you already have and begin to think through what you want to
do and how much time you have to put into it. That is the first and most important step.

Until next week.


Krista Conway operates an international marketing firm from her home. She blogs about working from home, social media and more at


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