Top 5 Motivations Behind Work At Home Moms

When we discovered we were pregnant I was working a corporate marketing job and had no plans of attempting to work from home. Back then a lot of people talked about working from home or having a home-based business, but not in the positive sense. It wasn’t until my first son started to kick and move around in my belly that I felt an anxiety about going back to work. When the time came I did attempt going back. I lasted one day, turned in my resignation and drove home as fast as I could.

After spending years working around moms that want to work from home or do work from home, I have discovered there are 5 major recurring reason they left their jobs when kids arrived.

Reason #5: Childcare is expensive.

Childcare is expensive. Depending on the type of provider or childcare center, childcare for infants can cost as much (or more) as $10,000 a year. Add that to commuting, clothing and other expenses involved with just getting to and from work and its more than some moms are willing to pay out.

Reason #4: The desire to contribute to the family income.

So many of the WAH (work at home) moms I have met over the years decided to work from home simply because they wanted to contribute to the family income. It doesn’t matter if it goes to the vacation fund or to help with everyday expenses, this is a big one in the WAHM world.

Reason #3: College

So many moms have told me that they spent a lot of time and effort in college and want to keep learning or using that education in some way. Another large group of moms has told me that they plan to attend college while home with the kids. In my case, I had dual B.S. degrees and was the first person in my family to ever graduate college, so I felt the desire to use my education for a home business.

Reason #2: Building something they can continue to grow.

So many moms have told me they wanted to build a home business because they wanted to be home with her infants and toddlers, but also have a business that would allow them to be a part of their kids school programs, field trips, etc. Another big factor: building a business that would allow mom to be home with kiddos over the Summer. For that, building something they can grow is the #2 reason most moms choose to work from home.

Reason #1: They want to be a mom, but also an entrepreneur.

There’s really no science to it. Some moms just have that desire to be a stellar mom and an entrepreneur.  So many of the friends around me are moms that live by Proverbs 31 and they take it serious. They are a mom because they are passionate about being a mom and they build because it give them something that is theirs. It gives them the ability to be at the events at school, to use their education and contribute to the family income.

In conclusion, most moms do what they have to do. Some work a 9 to 5, some are stay at home moms, some are WAHMs. No matter what your decision, in my experiences the 5 reasons listed above come from years of working with and talking to moms that work from home or want to work from home. Does it describe your desire to work from home?

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