Balancing Working At Home with Kiddos

When I first started working from home our baby boy was just 12 weeks old. I worked while he slept and admired and made googly faces at him while he was awake. It was a simple and glorious plan … until he stopped taking eight naps a day. As the naps got fewer and further between and eventually dwindled to one nap in the afternoon, I had to rearrange my schedule.

It looked a little like this…

6am to when he woke up: Work on the computer.

Any time he was awake: Play time, bath time, cuddle time, carry in mei tai while doing house work time.

Nap time: Get a shower, do some work.

8pm to Midnight: Finish up any left over work or housework.

The schedule was simple and it allowed me to work around enjoying him while building my business. There came a point when we hired a nanny to help me with the kiddos so I could work through the day, but it wasn’t long before I felt completely disconnected from my mission to be a stay at home mommy while continuing to grow my marketing business. In the end, working while the kids are asleep works best for me. I can have a rockin’ business AND be a mommy through the day. I try to avoid working through the day (as much as I can) and use my iPhone to stay connected to my clients accounts and make posts as needed. Today, as an example, I was up and writing this blog, responding to emails and packing for a day at the pool before the boys woke up because they go back to school on Wednesday (sniff, sniff). I will take my fully charged iPhone and Mophie pack so I can take care of business during breaks.

As with all things mommy, it’s all about balance. You can be an amazing mom AND work from home or have a business. You just have to find a groove that works for you.





Krista Conway is a work-at-home freelance social media guru who blogs about freelancing, photography and kiddos on



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