What’s Your Passion?

Someone once asked me what business they should start from home so they could quit their job and stay home with their kids. When I responded by asking them “What’s your passion?” they looked at me like I was in a monkey costume. The truth is that most women don’t know what they are passionate about when it comes to work OR play. I see this a lot in moms. It’s not that moms don’t know what they love, it’s that most moms put their kids before themselves. They give up the cake decorating class to take their kiddos to swim lessons. They stop taking photography lessons because baby boy needs soccer shoes. It’s what moms do.

Over the years I have become rather good at digging dusty passions out from under swimming trunks, soccer balls and tutus in moms (and dads) all over the US. I have discovered there are 4 basic questions to get from completely clueless about your passion to complete discovery.  If you’re up for the challenge, I will show you how to determine you passion and how to make a business out of it in the next few paragraphs. Are you ready? Let’s go…

Ask yourself these questions. Be completely honest. Don’t answer with safe responses. Don’t think about how any of it fits into your schedule. Don’t worry about if you can afford it. Get out a notebook or scrap of paper and the writing weapon of your choice. Write the first word that comes to mind for the following questions:

1. If money, resources, time, location and general circumstances weren’t a factor, what would you spend your day doing?

2. What is one thing people have praised you for being good at when people see you doing it or see your final product?

3. If you could start again at 18 without a care in the world or worry about how to make a living, what would you go back and do?

4. What do you do for free when you have a moment to do something you love?

Now, look at your answers. Do all of the pieces fall together?

Post your passion below and I will review it and choose one person to write a complete how-to on turning it into a business.






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