Exercise During Pregnancy: Tips from “Desperate Housewives” Actress and Experienced Yoga Practitioner Brenda Strong

Doing Yoga while I was pregnant was the best gift I could give to myself and to my son. Studies have shown that doing certain exercises while pregnant helps to increase the Apgar scores of newborns. The theory is, the healthier the mom, the healthier the child. Making smart whole food choices (avoiding preservatives and over processed foods eating organic when possible), getting rest and reducing your stress all contribute to a healthier environment for your baby. Yoga also plays a big part in reducing physical and emotional stress, keeping your body healthy and preparing for the rigors of labor and being a new mom.

When we are pregnant, our body changes its distribution of weight to support the growing baby, resulting in tension in these areas:

  • Shoulders and upper back due to extra weight you are carrying in you breasts
  • Lower back due to the extra weight you are carrying in your belly
  • Legs and feet due to the extra weight you are carrying in your whole body

If you don’t have time to get to a prenatal yoga class, I have provided some great yoga poses for pregnant women that are excellent for relieving stress in the most common areas on my website.

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