Mysteries of Nurturing, Sensual and Relaxing

“When I first connected with Lisa & David, they were releasing this amazing book.  We all long to belong and feel connected.  One of the most wonderful surprises of being a new mom is how sensual and loving the connection is to your newborn.  Not sexual!  Sensual, completely filling the senses with joy, love, awe.  As tired as I was those first 8 weeks post partum, I was also in super nurture mode with my beloved baby, and it was relaxing and intoxicating…c’mon mom’s you know what I mean!  But I was tired, dog tired!  We have prescribed Nurture as one of the tenets of Pregnancy Awareness Month because it is so important, and you need to set aside time to practice it.  Often.  May these words and post (and consider buying the book folks) inspire you.”  Team PAM

Bonding Requires Nurturing

In order for bonding and attaching to occur, parents need to be in touch with their own feelings so that they can share those loving feelings with their newborn. Feelings of bonding and attachment are soft and intimate. Imagine a warm breeze on your face that makes you smile. Then imagine how wonderful that feels on your skin, and let your body relax and rest in that feeling. It is quite amazing how thoughts can impact inner relaxation.

When a parent can find an oasis for their mind and heart to relax, those good feelings of loving self-care create a vibration that helps the baby feel secure, calm and loved.

Suggestions for ways to self-nurture that will support your bonding with your baby:

  1. Working with the power of sound.
  2. Working with the power of your mind. Thinking inspiring thoughts.
  3. Working with the power of your body.
  4. Working with the power of the elements.
  5. Working with the power of your environment.
  6. Working with the power of relationships.

Please click here to read the full article with a complete explanation of these suggestions for self-nurture.

By Lisa Rafel and David Surrenda, Ph.D., authors of “Safe in the Arms of Love”

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