Cat/Cow Pose During Pregnancy

Such a funny name and the first time I did it, frankly I felt silly! In Kundalini Yoga, this is a safe way to stretch your spine and open your heart and throat chakras.

I was way past teacher’s training, and had actually been teaching daily classes for a couple of years when I was pregnant and in a couple’s pregnancy workshop with my mentor and teacher, Gurmukh, at Golden Bridge Yoga. She had us get into cat/cow pose and face each other as partners (spouse to spouse – lover to lover) and do the pose saying “meow” when we were in cat and “moo” when we were in cow. Boy did we ever laugh at that…the whole class. And she stopped us and said, “This is your 1st lesson as a parent, learn how to make simple things fun and that is how you will connect with your children.” Talk about a different take on the “practice” of yoga.

So, this is a great pose to do when you are pregnant, it is a safe and effective way to stretch your spine and practice breathing with movement. Also, concentrate on your heart and throat chakras opening, and feel the love and communication flowing…and above all, laugh a little…lighten up!

Come on all 4′s with your palms flat on the ground, pressing your full thumb into the floor. Feel centered and adjust yourself as needed. Take a big breath in and out. Then inhale as you slowly stretch your head and neck up toward the ceiling while simultaneously pressing thru your heart into your palms and allowing your tailbone to lift up toward the ceiling. On the exhale curve your spine into a full round, chin toward chest, pelvic tilted toward the head…just like a cat. Repeat, slowly working your way up to15x’s. If you get dizzy or light headed, stop and breath deeply. Always check with your medical provider before beginning any exercise program.

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