Cool Weather Pregnancy

When I was pregnant I heard a lot about ways to deal with the heat of summer. I think for most pregnant women, the high temperatures that summer brings cause some trepidation. Over the summer I wrote about ways to deal with the heat. If you’re pregnant during the winter you aren’t immune to the struggles that changing temperatures can bring. Here’s my simple advice:

  1. Dress in layers: Instead of a heavy sweater, opt instead for two or three layers that provide the same level of warmth. The pregnancy hormones that are helping you grow a little miracle can also lead to hot flashes. That sweater may look appealing when you’re getting dressed in the morning, but by noon you may be wishing you could cool off.
  2. Watch your step: In many parts of the country, winter brings snow and ice which can lead to easy slipping. Have you ever seen a mama doing the “pregnant waddle”, the odd gait with a slight shifting of weight from one foot to the other? Perhaps you’ve done it yourself? There’s a reason that our gait is unusual during pregnancy- the hormones our body produces makes our joints relax; including our pelvis so that our babies can fit through and enter the birth canal. The pregnant waddle can be especially dangerous on ice, loose joints make slipping easier. When you’re outside walking be extra aware of ice and try to walk around it if you can. If you have to cross the ice, recruit your partner or a friend to help you keep your balance.
  3. Don’t go stir crazy: Cold weather may bring the desire to “hunker down” and stay warm inside. That’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do, unless it’s making you miserable. If you’re feeling trapped inside make an effort to get out for a while. Bundle up and go for a short walk. Don’t forget to do the things you love doing.

Lastly, enjoy the season. Many pregnant mamas enjoy being pregnant during the cooler months. Just remember to dress appropriately and use a little extra caution when going out.


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