Do You Know What’s Lurking Under Your Sink? Your toddler just might…

Do You Know What’s Lurking Under Your Sink?  Your toddler just might…

Did you know that 47 percent of us can’t name a single ingredient in our household cleaners? That more than half of us have never checked a cleaning product’s label to assess the ingredients or warnings? Or that one in five of us don’t take steps to safeguard our families from more than 60 chemicals found in the average American home? These new statistics are alarming.

Be the most powerful consumer and protector of your family’s health and that of the environment by educating yourself on the impact of household toxicity. As an expectant or new mom, your body is an eco-system at its finest and you treat it accordingly by detoxifying your habits and diet. Challenge yourself to do the same with your home.

Visit EWG and Healthy Child’s web sites to learn more about toxins and their impacts on children and health.  Also, for specific information on lead visit Lead Free Kids or Lead Safe America Foundation to symptom check your house; learn about the various “hot spots” of toxicity and how to overhaul them in practical, affordable ways. Nesting should be fun – and safe – as you prepare your habitat for the amazing addition of new life.

PAM thanks Seventh Generation for this post, originally written for our Newsletter in May 2009, and edited a tad by us to make the links relevant for 2012.

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