Making Memories: the Importance of Holiday Traditions

When we were pregnant with our first son I was surprised to see ornaments for our tree among the many presents we received at our baby shower. Baby’s First Christmas ornaments from 2005, 2007 and 2009 are some of the most treasured ornaments on our tree. Our special family ornaments don’t stop there.

Over the years we have collected ornaments for each child and each year we have celebrated as a family. This year Ethan’s ornament is a little boy kicking a soccer ball, Ian’s is a dirt bike and Elias’ is a dinosaur. This weekend we are going to choose an ornament to represent us all as a family.

Each year our decorative ornaments are slowly replaced by our special ornaments, but when we begin to open the box full of memories to place on the tree each year, the memories flood back. Ethan as a newborn. Elias taking 7 minutes to open his first present last year. Ian being so excited about the presents that he never actually opened any until we encouraged him too.

For me, this years most-prized ornament is a bulb that my grandmother gave to my husband for Christmas in 2005 when Ethan was born. This will be the first year we don’t have grandma here with us during the holidays and that ornament brought back many wonderful memories.

No matter what you are celebrating this year, I encourage you to pick out a special ornament that defines your year. Our children have come to love this holiday tradition as much as we have and look forward to opening the special box of ornaments each year.


Krista Conway is a work at home mom of three boys who blogs about work and kiddos on her website at


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