The Biggest, Best, Most Fun Game I Know as a Mom Revealed, Shh, It’s a Secret!

Synergy is the name of my game.  A huge passion for me is how I can connect and align with all whom I work with, whether we work side-by-side or virtually, in separate time zones.  In fact, we have “Synergist” in my title for Pregnancy Awareness Month®, I kid you not!  Nothing makes me happier than to find ways to align and partner with people, groups, communities, educators, mom bloggers, nonprofits, and manufactures of fantastic products and baby gear, etc. in order to serve the purpose of providing information and inspiration to pregnant women and new parents.  Passion is truly the best word.  And when you have passion in your life, you are HAPPY!  You feel more fulfilled, its fun.

We started Pregnancy Awareness Month® 6 years ago with the aspiration to inspire pregnant and new mom’s to come together.  I know it’s a title of a Beatle’s song, but it truly drives us.  And thru the years we have grown from a 1-day event in LA, to 15 consecutive weeks that crescendo with 31 days of CELEBRATING PREGNANCY AND PARENTING called Pregnancy Awareness Month® – which is the month of May of course.  How fun is that?  There are consumer events, social media happenings, in-stores, you name it, it is going on.  Each year gets bigger and better than the last.  Talk about fulfilling folks!

I will reveal a secret to you here – the community P.A.M. events that organically are popping up all over the country are a total turn on.  I mean that from a business space, I get totally fired up by the AMAZING WOMEN that I meet each year in different cities and states nationwide that want to be a part of this movement.   Like:

Lindsay of Bump Club Chicago and Beyond (Austin & Minneapolis)

Hillary of Maryland

Lisa of San Diego

Giselle of Orange County

It is MORE than throwing a party, and at the same time it is as simple as that.  P.A.M. is about celebrating the mom in all of us, even the papa’s and other caretakers.  It truly takes a village (oh, dear the quotes are endless with me today!).  And with each licensed pregnant and mama event that occurs under this coordinated message, we create excitement, joy, fun, while providing information, community, resources and stress reduction to women and families.

If you want to know more about how to be a part of the P.A.M. licensed event team, please contact us.  We are looking for partners in small towns as well as big cities to spread the message of connection and partnership to women and families all over the country.  Because it is true, any mom can tell you this, it takes an entire team to support a family.  And some of those resources are from within yourself, and familial, and some of them are from your community.  Help us to create this in a bigger way this May.

“One and one and one is three…..come together right now over me!” (Lennon/McCartney)

Team PAM

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